Use LC for garbage dump

Well, after hearing so much rhetoric and debate on the proposed Bodden Town garbage dump site, please allow me to suggest perhaps a neutral idea without stepping on too many toes, on my two cents and hope someone may see it as it makes scents.

We all know, yes, these Islands are beautiful to behold and preservation is the key to any territorial habitat, especially in these times of rapidly increased human population growth that threatens our environment on these Cayman Islands due to consumption and waste product material.

As I look at the increased population on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, with Little Cayman at a slow or practically unaffected by this change, I wonder if it is not better to try and somewhat save our two larger Islands that continue to absorb much of the pollutants caused by this garbage disposal and allow for a proper and well managed garbage processing site on either the north-west or south-west end of Little Cayman that would accommodate all three Islands’ disposable material.

Yes, of course this would mean that all disposable waste would have to be shipped out via tug/barge and an increase of employment and decrease on environmental impact to the two larger and human significant Islands this venture would create for now and future generations.

As for the proper storage and transporting of the waste matter aboard tugs and barges, this aspect of the operation should be the least problematic of it all.

Again, my two cents bit and food for thought without stepping on too many toes on the Bodden Town debate.

Capt. O. Diaz

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  1. Suggesting that one takes the only (easily accessible) pristine natural environment left in the Caymans, indeed in the Caribbean, and turn it into a garbage dump is insane. Little Cayman should become a World Heritage Site, not an dump for the rest of our country’s excesses. The good Captain offers this as a constructive alternative to a bad problem, but this is not just unrealistic, it is VERY wrong.

  2. The logic in Capt. Diaz’ suggestion is breathtaking: let’s take the place in the Caymans that is doing the best to fight pollution and give it more pollutants, the garbage from everyone else’s mistakes. How about, instead, taking a hard look at what the people on Little Cayman are doing right and use it as a model to help the larger islands with their problems? After all, tourism is one of the primary industries in the Caymans and excessive garbage and pollution will kill that industry off very quickly. No, Capt. Diaz, you’ve got it backwards.

  3. I support Lucky Diver’s opinion that Little Cayman should become a World Heritage Site as opposed to the Garbage Dump for the Cayman Islands. It’s a preposterous idea!

    The North-West and South-West areas of Little Cayman are the Bloody Bay Marine Park and Preston Bay Marine Park respectfully.

    As anyone with a moderate education knows, anything poured into the ground will leach through the porous limestone and into the ocean. This causes a process called Eutrophication to begin. These effluents cause the growth of algae on the reef. The algae competes for space with the corals, however grow infinitely faster thus throttling the coral eventually causing it’s death as well preventing juvenile corals from recruiting into the reef to create new colonies.

    So to be clear, dumping the effluents into the island will cause the coral to die in those Marine Park areas that we have spent the last 26 years protecting.

    Great way to preserve the Cayman Heritage for future generations Captain.

  4. This is confusing.
    To ‘save’ the 2 larger polluted islands, the ‘solution’ is to pollute the cleanest of all three.
    It’s like saying ‘I made a mess but my backyard will be cleaner because I threw all my garbage over the fence onto yours’.
    I only had to read your comment once and the answer is NO.
    Enough said.

  5. The idea of moving trash to one island to another or dumping it in the ocean is not a solution. What we need is for everyone to participate in creative ways to: recycle,reuse and refuse.Little Cayman is one of the most unspoiled treasure left in the world..we need to keep it that way for future generations.

  6. I have been ask to post this comment from my husband who is a born Caymanian.
    I now live at the west end of Little Cayman where it is just a beautiful bike ride or walk to Preston Bay and not far to the famous Bloody Bay Wall and you want to throw your garbage in our yard which will impact our environment.
    You keep your garbage in your own back or front yard and also from Brac.
    The people and guest of Little Cayman want to protect what you guys once had but are destroying. You should want to be helping to preserve the only jewel left.
    Joffer Smith

  7. Little Cayman is indeed one of the unspoiled treasures left in the world. As such it should be preserved for future generations to enjoy as opposed to it being turned into a dumping ground to accommodate the rest of the country’s waste. The idea of abusing such a unique and pristine environment by turning it in to a trash site, undoing over 20 years of conservation work is absolutely ludicrous.
    NeilvN comments that Lucky Diver makes a very good suggestion that Little Cayman should be made a National Heritage Site and I agree 100%. That is a proposal that makes sense. As for Capt. Diaz’s suggestion, I believe he is way off the mark.

  8. Since this will not and never should fly. Let’s pretend it does, then as the barge makes the voyage to LC the false bottom of the barge opens and disgorges the contents into the sea.

    Ultimately into the Gulf Stream and to wherever.

    Plan B: Start dumping in one location and in 50-5000 years, voila, sista isle #3, TI. Trash Island.

    Plan C: Now that I got a whiff of what you are smoking, I have a plan. Make every non-visitor flying off the island take a prepacked cube of this stuff, about the size and weight of a case of beer to their destination for proper disposal. Might even have the Government compensate you for this honorable act. Bonus points for multi-packs.

    Another whiff please.

  9. One further comment on Capt. Diaz’s well presented, soberly reasoned modest proposal. I am confident that our leaders are singularly qualified to grasp its obvious significance and will be swift in their actions to implement it. On a completely unrelated topic, I wonder how Irish toddler would taste jerked?

  10. Surely this has got to be some kind of joke! I only had to read the first paragraph to realize that we are in fact dealing with an extremely uneducated Capt. O. Diaz. I am actually shocked that the Compass would even print such an article. I quote the end of the first paragraph hope someone may see as it makes SCENTS REALLY??? Instead of coming up with preposterous suggestions, my suggestion is that Capt. O. Diaz returns to school and learns correct spelling. Until then, O wise one, keep your suggestions to yourself!

  11. As a long time frequent visitor to these islands, now a property owner and part time resident on Little Cayman, I am disturbed at this suggestion; were I Caymanian, I would be outraged.

    I have traveled the world, seen and visited many places and have found very few that are as special, pristine and beautiful as Little Cayman. As the modern world assimilates countries and peoples into its consumerism, over building, depletion of natural resources, is forced to embrace the negatives of modernization with its crime, greed and dehumanizing elements, Little Cayman is an example of controlled growth and preservation of the Caymanian heritage of life in balance with its environment.

    At least I, when thinking on the Caymans, do not think of the Financial Centers, Cruise ship ports, mega-hotels with its consumerist amenities but on the underwater beauty and diversity, tranquility, friendliness, and slower paced life that Little Cayman has to offer; it is a true haven from an otherwise maddening world. This island and its assets should be safe guarded, not turned into a garbage dump.

    Without doing any cost analysis or ‘the math’, one would think that there could be other solutions found that would preserve the natural beauty of all these islands and without destroying this particular gem and treasure of the Caymanian people specifically.



  12. A footnote to my prior comment .

    Over the years I have seen and met many Caymanians who visit Little Cayman quite regularly from Grand and the Brac to enjoy its serenity, slow pace and beauty. It would be especially helpful to all of us that care for this island for those born Caymanians to offer comment and voice their opinions in this matter.

    I, being a non-Caymanian allowed the privilege of this very special place, can voice my concerns, offer my opinions, but it is the Caymanian voices that will be heard the loudest and have the most impact. It is one of your islands after all, a part of your heritage, bequeathed to this generation to be safe guarded for future generations to come.

    Please consider commenting if you have visited and enjoyed this island.



  13. Rather than a Sister Island, when did Little Cayman become the Stepsister Island? I travel to Little Cayman frequently and am a land owner.
    It is wonderful that Grand Cayman has prospered from the mega-hotels, cruise ships, etc. As part of that, they should figure out a means to handle their own rubbish.
    Considering the small size of Little Cayman, harm would occur to it’s marine parks, bird sanctuary and pristine island environment.
    Perhaps Captain Diaz should donate his living space for the well managed garbage processing site.

  14. This is the most preposterous suggestion – to turn the jewell of the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean into a garbage dump. As a long time visitor, Natural Trust Life member, property and home owner on Little Cayman, I encourage all Caymanians to reject this and push the idea to designate our island as a World Heritage Site.