Cashwiz, market robbed Wednesday

A pair of robberies – one in George Town and one in Bodden Town – disrupted Grand Cayman’s peace and quiet Wednesday.  

Both incidents happened in broad daylight within about two hours of one another and police did state that there didn’t appear to be any connection between the two.  

A quick arrest was made in connection with the Bodden Town robbery, which involved the Cashwiz business next door to the Pirate Caves. A masked man was able to enter through the front door due to the lock malfunctioning.  

“The door frame was swollen up from all the rain,” said manager Lianne Macdonald. “We usually have to buzz everybody in, but today [the door lock] wasn’t working.”  

Around 1.30pm Wednesday, the lone man armed with what appeared to be a firearm and wearing a skull mask, entered the Cashwiz. CCTV video shown to the Caymanian Compass depicted the man pointing the weapon at the store manager and yelling that he wanted money and gold. After receiving an amount of money, the store manager said the man yelled again that he wanted gold and then received one item of jewellery. 

“I was freaking out, man, but what are you going to do?” said 
Ms Macdonald.  

The suspect then left the premises. No shots were fired and no one was injured.  

Shortly after the robbery, police caught up with the suspect and 
arrested him.  

As one of the police units made its way to the location, the officers were confronted with a man who was running from the direction of the store. The man threatened the unarmed officers with a gun. The officers challenged the man and he dropped the weapon. The officers then immediately arrested him and removed the firearm to safety. 

The gun and a mask suspected of being used in the robbery were recovered. The gun was tested and determined to be a fake. 

The man, who was arrested on suspicion of robbery, remains in police custody while 
enquiries continue. 

Acting Superintendent Robert Scotland said: “The actions of the officers involved was nothing 
short of heroic.  

They were threatened by an armed suspect and without thinking of their own safety and well-being they moved in quickly to ensure that he was arrested and could not harm any members of the public. Fortunately, the gun has been confirmed as an imitation – but the officers did not know that at the time.” 


Shop Right held up  

About two hours earlier, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service detectives investigated a robbery at Shop Right on Walkers Road in George Town.  

About 11.35am Wednesday, police said a man, who had his head covered with a large yellow cloth, entered the Shop Right store. Police said he threatened staff with a knife and demanded cash.  

The man left the store with a sum of money and a small quantity of cigarettes.  

CCTV still images show the man approaching the shop from Windsor Park Road.  

He is described as being about 5 feet 10 inches in height, wearing blue three-quarter length baggy shorts, a baggy blue short sleeved polo shirt and white training shoes with diagonal stripes.  

He had his head covered with a yellow cloth, which is said to resemble the type of cloths used by people such as gardeners who work outdoors. 

There were no reports of arrest by press time. 

Cashwiz CCTV

A robber wearing a skull mask threatens one Cashwiz employee while another hides behind the counter. – Photo: RCIPS


  1. These recent robberies could be part of a gang initiation. Which will make it very difficult to stop. Time to bring in the big guns, so to speak, from the UK and US.

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