School closures explained in length

In order to facilitate a move to their respective new school sites, Clifton Hunter High School and John Gray High School are closing on Friday, 22 June.

All schools were previously scheduled to close on 29 June for the summer; however, closing one week earlier, “Will allow teachers to pack up classroom resources such as furniture and equipment for relocation to the new sites,” said Education Ministry Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues.

She said this would assist everyone in getting ready for the start of the new school year in August.

“As with the vast majority of school systems, the last week is typically spent doing school-based activities that are not core curriculum such as fund and team-building activities with the teachers and students. Our students will not be disadvantaged educationally because of the early closure,” Mrs. Rodrigues said.

In preparation for the completion of the Clifton Hunter High School in Frank Sound, the Department of Education Services has been working with both schools to prepare for the transitions, which will see current CHHS students move to the new campus in Frank Sound; John Gray students being housed at the George Hicks Campus (where Clifton Hunter is now) while work continues on the new John Gray site; and CIFEC students being housed at the present John Gray High School campus in order to allow the expansion of Technical and Vocational Educational and Training options. This will also help to offer enhanced Information Communication Technology, Library and workshop facilities.

The chief officer pointed out, “As you can imagine, this is a mammoth organisational exercise that and we want to be ready for the start of the school year.”

The government announced in June 2010 during the budget session that John Gray High School would be completed over a longer period due to the government’s commitment to prudent fiscal management and the need to monitor the extent of any additional costs associated with the school’s projects. Therefore the current phased construction did not schedule opening for September, 2012. Work is continuing on the project. The government will be putting out a release with more information regarding this in due course.

All schools are scheduled to open by 29 August, including the new Clifton Hunter campus.


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