Editorial for 29 June: Politics always about debate

The business of journalism is indeed gathering the facts and
disseminating unbiased reports.

We thank former Deputy Governor and loyal reader Donovan
Ebanks for making this point in his letter to the editor Thursday.

He also pointed out that opinion from the editorial team and
letter writers is confined to Page 4.

Readers will sometimes confuse what is written on Page 4
with the factual reports throughout the rest of the paper. They should not.

The words contained on the Opinion Page are strictly that,

We appreciate letters from our readers. Many times their
words solicit comments from others.

And that’s what we hope from our editorials.

When we see an issue that we think needs to be addressed, we
try to write editorials that lead to public comment.

We did just that on Monday in our editorial titled ‘Position
on one man one vote’.

Frankly, we weren’t hearing enough from those who are behind
the one man one vote issue, outside of stories we have written while covering

Much has been written and said by the naysayers; we figured
it was time to spur the proponents into comment. It worked.

For the record, we believe that one man one vote, in
principle, is a good concept.

However, those who support the issue can’t expect people to
adopt the idea without good, reasonable discussion and debate.

They need to convince everyone their ideas are the best

Questioning the motives of the Caymanian Compass will never
convince anyone that the proposal they support is the better one. Our motives
are not influenced by advertisers or political parties; they are to encourage

No matter which side of the fence you occupy on the one man
one vote issue, we urge you to gather all the available information, go to the
polls and cast your vote.

In the end, only you can decide the future of this country.





  1. Everyone must remember that discussion is still new for the country and it is regrettable that there are some who are uncomfortable with freedom of thought. The next mile post will be when there are no fears of reprisal for opinions offered.

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