Early years unit celebrates one year

Upon appointment to the office in 2009, Minister of Education Rolston Anglin said the early years would be a focus for this government.  

As a result, the ministry of education made a commitment to improving the provision of Early Childhood Care and Education within the Cayman Islands. May 2012 marked their one year anniversary of the Early Childhood Care and Education unit. 

When the unit began its work in May 2011 their goals were clear: development and implementation of regulations; policies and procedures; ensuring parents are confident in their role and have an understanding of their children’s learning and developmental needs; and having confident, qualified teachers implementing a quality, unified curriculum. 

During the course of the last year, the unit has made more than 260 visits to early childhood settings and interviewed more than 300 early years practitioners. It has also drafted and piloted the first Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework and furthermore provided training sessions to more than 200 practitioners to ensure this curriculum was implemented.  

Additionally, the unit provided a six-week introduction course to Early Childhood Care and Education for more than 120 practitioners who work in early years settings in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. The unit also provides monthly newsletters, beginning last September, in order to keep early years practitioners and unit setting owners and management up to date with the work of the group and provide ideas and websites to assist them in their work with the children. 

Proud of her unit, Senior Policy Adviser Julie Madgwick had this to say, “The first year of operation for the Early Childhood Care and Education Unit has been a strong foundation year, laying the groundwork for the years to come. Implementing the CIEYCF and providing professional development for practitioners will ensure that the level of quality for ECCE settings provide will be raised. I would like to thank my team for all their hard work and I look forward to the next year of success with them.” 

Mr. Anglin said, “I would like to thank Julie and her team for their outstanding work and dedication to the improvement of Early Childhood Care and Education in the Cayman Islands. The early years of our children are the most important and we must ensure that our children receive the best care and education right from the beginning. I look forward to the continued work of the ECCE Unit and building a world class Early Childhood Care and Education system in our country.” 


For more information on the ECCE Unit, contact the ministry of education. 

early years 1

Early years practitioners engage with the new curriculum during an ECCE Unit training course. – Photo: Submitted

early years 2

Minister Rolston Anglin presents a copy of the new National Early Years Curriculum Framework to Shauna Haylock, second to the right, of Shauna’s Early World Learning Centre, as Senior Policy Adviser Julie Madgwick, and Renee Barnes, Early Childhood Care and Education Officer, look on. – Photo: Submitted