Expiration of residency/employment certificates

The public is advised that Residency and Employment Rights Certificates issued to spouses of Caymanians in April 2005 have now expired – or will soon expire.

Cayman Islands Department of Immigration officials remind holders that all rights and privileges granted by the certificates cease with its expiry. These include the rights to residence; to work in any occupation without the need to possess a work permit; and to have any dependents resident. Therefore, anyone whose certification has expired should make immediate representations to the department. Certificates are issued under Section 30 of the Immigration Law, 2003. They are valid for seven years, and are renewable at the discretion of the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board.

Spouses of Caymanians who were issued the certificates are urged to check the issue date of their certificates to ascertain the expiration date. Affected persons should make immediate arrangements to submit renewal applications, or seek legal counsel or an immigration consultant to determine how to regularise their immigration status. Failure to comply with this advice may result in interruption of employment and implications to travel plans for all persons concerned – including dependents.

Holders of certificates which have not yet expired, and who have submitted applications for consideration, may continue to work until such time as the Board’s decisions have been made.

Applicants, as well as spouses or employers of such persons, may contact the Department of Immigration at 949-8344 for additional information.