Lions forms new club

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens is sponsoring a new club for teens between the ages of 12 and 18.  

The Clifton Hunter Alpha Leo Club was chartered on 30 May with 25 members. An induction ceremony of prospective Leos was held on 22 June at the Bodden Town Civic Centre. Leo Clubs are an extension of the Lions service organisation, which aims to encourage community service and involvement from a young age. The new Leo Club’s main focus is on the individual and on social development of teens. 

The induction service was chaired by past Council Chairman John Ebanks. He was assisted by First Vice District Governor-Elect Izett Mc Calla, who flew in from Jamaica to assist.  

Candles were used symbolically during the ceremony; a large purple candle to represent the Lions and white candles in jars for the newly inducted Leos. Each Leo lit their candle and held it for the duration of the ceremony, while Lion Izett charged the young Leos with the responsibility to go and light someone’s world in their community. 

Leo Loshana Lopez-Francis has been elected to serve as the first president of the new club. The other club officers are: Leo Christina Rivers, secretary; Leo Tahj Lewis, vice president; and Leo Rochel Gardener, treasurer. In her acceptance speech, newly elected President Leo Loshana identified the key areas of focus for her presidency as establishing a partnership with the East End Sunrise Cottage and working closely with the Botanic Park to help to preserve the plants and wildlife.  

She also said, “I am aware of the magnitude of the responsibilities that I will be faced with in this new role but as the first president; I will aspire to build a strong foundation for the club. It is imperative that the club be grounded firmly in the morals and ethics of Lionism and I will do my very best to see that this happens”. 

The Clifton Hunter Alpha Leo Club will meet on Wednesday lunchtimes on the campus of the Clifton Hunter High School at Frank Sound. Lion Nereen Thomas is the Leo adviser and Lion Marsha Webster is the faculty adviser.  

Further information and details will be provided by the new Leos in September, as soon as school opens. Other students who are interested in joining the club will also be welcomed at this time. 

Lions Clubs sponsor more than 5,700 Leo clubs in 140 countries. While helping others in their community Leos also develop leadership skills and experience teamwork 
in action. 

The Clifton Hunter Alpha Leo Club will meet on Wednesday lunchtimes on the campus of the Clifton Hunter High School at Frank Sound. 

Alpha Leos

Candles were lit and held by the Leos for the duration of the ceremony.