Yoga on your paddle board

Stand up paddle boarding is said to be the fastest growing water sport in the world. Yoga’s pretty popular, too. So what if the two were combined to produce a hybrid sport? Paddle Board Yoga would be the result.

The concept has been around for some time, although it’s only just starting to be offered as a class here in Grand Cayman this week. The first official SUP-Yoga class begins tomorrow Saturday, 7 July, on Seven Mile Beach.

No prior knowledge is necessary – just an ability to swim. The class begins with some basic stand up paddle boarding instruction, which most people get to grips with in a few minutes. It’s easy to learn, but will give your core muscles a thorough workout as they work to keep you upright and balanced on the board. The real challenge comes when you start to move around and attempt to hold some yoga poses, with the board wobbling beneath you. You’ll discover muscles you never knew were there.

And if you lose your balance, what’s the worst that can happen? You get to cool off in the water.

There is really no better place to be on a calm, summer’s day on Seven Mile Beach than in the water – and if you’re going to work out, wouldn’t you rather do it surrounded by fabulous scenery than the sight of your red-faced self in the gym’s mirror?

Although you will be getting a thorough workout, you’ll also get in some blissful relaxation – stretched out on your paddle board, fingers trailing in the sea and the sun sinking below the horizon.

Classes run from 5 to 6.15pm every Saturday throughout the summer. Class fees include paddle board rental and instruction.

To reserve your space e-mail [email protected]