Editorial for 11 July: Voting has begun on OMOV

The One Man One Vote Referendum is exactly one week from today, but voting has already begun.

It started last Friday on Little Cayman when voters who applied to vote via mobile voting cast their ballots.

Voters who will have to work the election next Wednesday, those who will be off island or those too sick to make it to the polls were able to make application for mobile voting.

In all 344 people applied.

It is hoped that all 344 remember to be available to cast their votes.

Today the voting trailer is outside the Elections Office at 150 Smith Road. Tomorrow it will be outside the John A. Cumber School Hall in West Bay.

Mobile voting is an important service to those on the roles of the electorate. For those who are unable to get to the trailer because of illness or infirmity, the trailer makes house visits.

We thank the 344 for considering the One Man One Vote referendum important enough to apply for mobile voting to ensure that their vote will be counted.

For the rest of us who are registered voters, our big day is next Wednesday when we all should go to the polls and officially register our opinion about One Man One Vote.

The Caymanian Compass has said in past editorials that we support the concept of One Man One Vote, but it’s the duty of each voter to get as much information as they can and be educated about the issue before casting a vote.

Dig through the rhetoric, rumour and innuendo.

A good, solid count on this issue is important for our country, so it’s incumbent on everyone who is registered to turn out and vote.

Based on the number of registered voters, 7,582 people will have to approve the referendum for it to pass.

No matter which side of the issue you are on, if you are a registered voter it is your duty as a citizen of the Cayman Islands to go to the polls and let government know where you stand.

The Caymanian Compass will update its website throughout the voting day and results of the vote will be reported in the Thursday, 19 July, edition.