Floet Matthew looking to grow through art

Matthew Hylton is an upcoming poet and performer who is inspired by intelligence and creativity. 

“I really admire intelligence in a person, it’s very enlightening and motivating to be surrounded by a well-read person who can hold a conversation on any topic,” he tells Weekender. 

Matthew can be often found at the Floetry nights, held this month on Wednesday, 18 July at Books & Books at Camana Bay, He says that the kinetic word event has a certain meaning. 

“Floetry is growth, it is an outpouring of self as an individual as well as a member of a collective society. 

“I was invited by a friend a long time ago, I went once. I recently started attending again with friends and shared my poetry for the first time. Now I really enjoy it, it is a safe environment to express yourself and share with others, which in itself provides an opportunity for growth,” Matthew says. 


Seeing the world 

When he was younger, he says, he wanted to be an author but that’s on hold until later in life. In the meantime, he’s got bigger fish to fry. 

“My next steps are to go on a backpacking trip around the world, which I hope to start this August; and to begin pursuit of a master’s degree. However, most important of all is to develop a deeper, more genuine, and more meaningful relationship with God.” 

The performer and writer can be seen at www.cayCompass.com performing his work, Facebook. So what inspired this one?
“This poem is actually a true story of my own personal experience along with what I have heard other people speak of in regards to their relationship with their fathers. 

“It’s a challenge for men to step up to responsibility before it is too late, even though it comes with challenges and sacrifices.”
Sage words indeed. 


Floetry takes place at 7pm on Wednesday, 18 July at Books & Books, Camana Bay. Entry is open to all and free. 


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