Police rack up robbery arrests

More than a dozen suspects nabbed

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has arrested 11 people in connection with two armed bank robberies that have occurred in Grand 
Cayman this year.  

Eight of those 11 individuals have been charged with crimes and more could face criminal allegations during the 
coming weeks.  

Between February 2010 and April 2011, four banks or their customers were held up in Grand Cayman. There have never been any reports of arrests connected with those heists.  

It’s not just bank robbers that local police have rounded up during recent weeks. RCIPS officers have taken into custody and charged four men in connection with an armed heist at WestStar TV earlier this year. They are due in court later today.  

A suspected masked robber who held up the Cashwiz store in Bodden Town on 30 May was chased down by police. He was charged, along with another suspect accused in a 31 May robbery at the Eastern Avenue Texaco.  

Yet another robbery suspect was taken into custody following a 12 June incident at a West Bay convenience store. No charges have been filed in that case.  

In total, 14 people have been arrested in connection with various robberies since 1 June, a little over a month.  


Cayman National   

Charged so far in the 28 June robbery of Cayman National Bank in the Buckingham Square complex along West Bay Road are Andre Nicholas Burton, 27, and George Eric Mignott, 23.  

Mignott is charged with the robbery and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit the robbery.  

Burton faces those two charges plus a third of being an accessory after the fact. It is alleged that he acted as “getaway driver” of a red Chevy Equinox.  

Marlon Hudson Dillon, 28, had his charges transmitted to Grand Court. Dillon was also charged with robbery and possession of an imitation firearm with intent in connection with the Cayman National Bank robbery.  

Four men are in custody for the 3 May robbery at Scotiabank in downtown George Town.  

Christopher Julian Myles, 31; James Herbert McLean, 21; and David Emmanuel Parchment, 25, are accused of conspiracy to commit robbery. Kevin Curtis Bowen, 30, is charged with being an accessory after the fact.  


Bystander assistance  

Police declined to state exactly how the arrests were made, citing ongoing court cases. However, in both bank robbery incidents Cayman Islands residents and visitors assisted police with information about the crimes.  

Just after the 3 May robbery at Scotiabank, a tourist captured one of the masked suspects getting into a Honda Civic police said was used as a getaway car. Those pictures were quickly given to police and distributed to all media outlets in Grand Cayman.  

In the hours after the Cayman National Bank was robbed, information surfaced that a worker in a nearby complex actually followed the suspects from the scene of the robbery after they crashed their vehicle into an armoured van on the scene. The pictures were published the next day in the Caymanian Compass.  

In other robbery cases, the actions of police officers were cited in bringing the suspects in. Just after the Cashwiz robbery in Bodden Town on 30 May, two police officers cornered a man who had what turned out to be a bogus firearm in his possession similar to the one used in the business robbery.  

Police didn’t know it was a fake at the time they moved in to make the arrest.  

“The actions of the officers involved was nothing short of heroic,” said RCIPS Chief Inspector Robert Scotland. 

bank arrests 1

A bystander followed and captured this image of fleeing bank robbers on 28 June. – Photo: File

bank arrests 2

The scene outside Cayman National Bank in Buckingham Square following a mid-morning robbery on 28 June. – Photo: File

bank arrests 3

A tourist’s camera captures a fleeing robbery suspect on 3 May. – Photo: File


  1. Well done RCIPS. Credit to you for your exceptional work and credit to the proactive witnesses who have helped send the message to the criminally minded that Cayman has had enough. All crime cannot be stopped but efforts will be unlimited in seeing all criminal acts punished.

  2. Congrats RCIPS. We salute you for your splendid efforts in making a total of 14 arrests in just over a month – excellent police work. We hope that these arrests will send a strong signal to future thugs (and those currently in hiding) that they too will be caught.

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