Be careful, permit holders

 I write about children that are born here in Cayman with their parents as non-Caymanians and they are here on work permit or even sometimes one parent is on a permit and the other may have status or a native of this country.

We find that it can be a very big problem for them and our Immigration.

After I received some feedback from a few people in this position, I decided to write to John Public here in Cayman and make all of those that may be in this position know that there is some of us that understand your problem.

And the problems you face with that child here in Cayman and for those that do not understand or even had time to think about these people that find themselves have children here on Cayman while working here, it is not a good position for so many women that they find themselves. Having a child while on permit and no kind of support from the father of the child and no support from the Cayman system, they still have to pay rent, buy food, pay water and light and at the same time maintain their doctor visits, expenses for medicine and other personal expenses is all on top of that woman that is with child.

Many of these parents that find out that the system here will not help them have to sometimes make a tough choice and take that baby to their own country or even leave the baby with a family member back home and try and return to Cayman to work and support that child.

It is not easy. We have work permit holders that are married back in their country getting pregnant here in Cayman that cannot go home with that child.

We must take a closer look at this because it is a very bad problem for so many people.

We need to educate all of these people that come to Cayman about this happening to them. Because it also becomes a problem for our immigration, which sometimes has to make the big choice and send them home with their baby.

Many find that the employer will cancel their permit and by the time they leave Cayman, many of them have no money to return home or even to care for the baby properly when the baby is born.

Many of these women have Caymanian children because the father is a Caymanian. Our hospital is sometimes left with a big bill caused by this pregnant permit worker.

We are all affected by this growing problem. I often wonder what really happens to that child that is for a Caymanian man. For many of the fathers never get to be a part of that child’s life.

Although we can’t stop this from happening, we can try and avoid some of this from happening by all work permit holders being more careful with their sexual actions and protect themselves better.

In this day and age mothers with children and no fathers if very hard; worse if she has different children for different fathers and none of the fathers help out with the raising of the children.

I say to all of you that find yourself in this position and are having it hard in one way or the other, please wise up and try and talk to other women that may fall into your position so that they might avoid these troubles that you are in.

As for our immigration that gets involved after some time with these mothers and their children, you have no other choice but to uphold the laws of this country and make the tough decisions and sometimes send these people with their children off our Island.

It is not nice when this happens, but it has to be done.

For all the permit workers that are here on Cayman, remember why you came here and that is, I hope, to better your life in some way, not to come to our Islands and help make your life worse with your foolish actions.

There is also AIDS here in Cayman. Many of you will also go back to your country and die from it if you are not careful.

Try your best to do what you came here to do and avoid becoming a big nasty problem to yourself, your family, our country and yours.

I do hope that many of the people here on permit will take time out to read this letter and understand what it really means.

Word to all: Trouble is easy to get into but it is so very hard to get out of sometimes. Do not become one of these people that put yourself in trouble while here working on permit on Cayman.

Emile S. Levy