Boat stolen from Governor’s Harbour

The RCIPS is investigating the theft of a 55 foot Sea Ray from Governor’s Harbour.

The theft of the vessel – named Hana – was reported to the police on Thursday, 19 July 2012. Enquires to date suggest that the theft may have taken place around 10.30pm on Wednesday 18 July. The boat, which is worth around half a million dollars, was stolen from its mooring in Jellicoe Quay in Governor’s Harbour.

Enquiries are ongoing and officers are liaising with partners both at home and abroad in an attempt to trace the boat.

Officers are urging boat owners to be extra vigilant and have offered the following crime prevention advice.

• Owners / operators should fuel their boats immediately before they use them. Fuelling them to remain in situ for prolonged periods of time increases their vulnerability.

• Secure the boat to the dock using chains, cables and padlocks. Ensure that the keys and the kill switches are in your possession when the vessel is not in use – even if it is on the trailer.

• Make sure you have all hull, engine and electronics serial numbers stored for reference in case of theft.

• Take photos of the vessel, engines – and trailer, if you have one.

• Inscribe, don’t write, personal ID numbers on the engine block and inside the hull – in a place only known to you.

• Make sure there is sufficient lighting where the boat is stored/ moored. Criminals do not like bright lights.

• Do not forget to lock the trailer tongue with a padlock, whether or not the vessel is on the trailer. Trailers have also been stolen before, especially empty ones.

• There are several items on the marine market for tracking vessels. Most of the marine and security services dealers on Island should be able to assist with obtaining these systems, some of which are relatively inexpensive.

Anyone who has information which could assist the police in this enquiry should contact West Bay CID on 949-3999. Information can also be passed via the RCIPS tip-line 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

Hana stolen Sea Ray

Hana, the 55 foot Sea Ray stolen from Governor’s Harbour


  1. For one my previous comment was a joke, albeit a bad one. Two, there are many ways to secure your boat from theft. Three, it is entirely possible the owner wanted this boat to go bye-bye.