‘Vacation scam’ e-mails hit Cayman again

The latest round of the “vacation scam” e-mails has hit Cayman within the past couple months, according to detectives with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

The scammers generally pose as vacationers claiming to have been robbed at gunpoint in other countries.

In the latest version of the scam, the author states they or their family had cash and credit cards stolen and need financial assistance to pay their vacation bill.

RCIPS Inspector Ian Lavine said no one locally has fallen for this rip off lately, but he said everyone should remain vigilant.

“If anyone receives this e-mail they must not respond,” Mr. Lavine said. “Do not reply – but report it immediately to police.

“Most of the time we find the scam is merely an attempt, but there have been a few one-off situations where they 
have actually gotten money.”

Once the cash is gone, Inspector Lavine said police really have no way of tracking down the offenders – who might be anywhere in the world.

“First, they will send an e-mail out saying ‘I am in a particular country saying ‘I have lost all my money, I don’t have any cash on me’,” he said. “We have no way of knowing where they are.”

Anyone who believes they have been targeted in this or any scam can speak to an officer in the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit should call 949-8797.


  1. Anybody that gets scammed by a scam deserves it. Use common sense and due diligence. As is often said, A Fool and His Money is Soon Parted………….

    Just give it to me and I will be glad to tell you all the details of an exceptionally fine wine and dinner.

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