Student gets Ms Dodie award

Moses Ebanks, an 11th grade student has been presented with the 5th Annual Dodie Ebanks Humanitarian Award, by Ms Wendy Foreman, office manager 
at CIS. 

The recipient of the Dodie Ebanks Humanitarian Award must live up to certain specifications. He or she must be a Cayman International School student for one year who has demonstrated commitment to others through some of the following: Strong work ethic, positive attitude toward school, school work and community, inspiring others, community service, service to school, obvious commitment to the welfare of others and leadership. 

Ms. Dodie Ebanks served the CIS community from 2003 through 2006, as the school made the transition from Faulkner Academy to Camana Bay. 

During this time, Ms Dodie was noted for her dedication to the school and to the community. Principally, she was noted for her work with the students of this school, particularly through her role as a member of the office staff.  

Although she brought no formal qualifications to the job, she brought something far more valuable; A wealth of life experiences, patience, endurance, and kindness. In all of her interactions with the children, staff, students and members of the public, she demonstrated tremendous compassion and understanding for others.  

Although life dealt her a difficult, and at times, painful hand, she has strived to overcome these challenges. She capitalised upon them to stand out as a shining example to all who have come to know 
and love her.  

Dodie Ebanks award

Wendy Foreman with award recipient Moses Ebanks.– Photo: Submitted