Police: Make storm preparations now

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service urges home and business owners to start making all necessary precautions to secure their property and belongings in preparation for any potential evacuation.

“If you do have to leave your property, please make sure that your doors and windows are locked and that you close your hurricane shutters if you have them,” said Acting Chief Superintendent Kurt Walton. “If you have to leave any valuables behind, make sure that they are safely protected within your  homes and that you take all necessary steps to make your premises as safe and secure as possible. You should also make sure that your valuables are security marked and that you take notes of makes, models, serial numbers and take photographs. These simple security steps will assist in the recovery of your property if it goes missing.

“The duties of the RCIPS in the event of Tropical Storms or Hurricanes are many and varied and include shelter security, protecting critical infrastructure and, of course, maintaining law and order. Any criminal activity before, during or after any storm activity will not be tolerated and those who engage in it will be dealt with appropriately.”

Business owners are reminded that they should make immediate application for curfew exemption passes. In the event of a Hurricane and the declaration of a curfew, the passes will be issued to key personnel who work within the private sector to allow them to work past the curfew times, as and when required, to assist in the post-hurricane recovery process.

The application form for the exemption passes can be found on the RCIPS website. 

The curfew applications should be filled in and taken to the nearest police station within your district. The District Commander will vet the applications which must be accompanied by a photo ID of the person whom the application is for. The District Commander will decide whether the application meets the criteria, in accordance with the Police Law 2010 Revision, Section 49 and the Police ( Emergency Powers)Regulations 2004 Revision. 


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