Editorial for 06 August: Help Jamaica celebrate 50th

Today our neighbour Jamaica celebrates 50
years of independence from the United Kingdom.

The Cayman/Jamaican tie runs extremely
deep. For starters, both countries have the pineapple on their coat of arms –
Jamaica because it is an indigenous fruit of that country and Cayman to show
our ties with our neighbour to the southeast.

Many of the prominent leaders of our
country, while Caymanian, were born in Jamaica and we have several prosperous
businessmen in Cayman who came from Jamaica.

Our history with Jamaica is bonded through
blood and history.

There is much in our culture, history, diet
and roots that we can link directly to Jamaica.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the
special feature about Jamaica’s 50 years of independence published in the 26
July edition of the Caymanian Compass, we urge you to stop by our offices on
Shedden Road and pick up a copy. It was unfortunate that on the day that our
special feature appeared that the main story on our front page was about a
payroll tax to be levied on work permit holders in the Cayman Islands. Many of
those to be taxed are our brothers and sisters from Jamaica; not a very
welcoming announcement on their celebration of 50 years of being free from the
grips of the Mother Country.

Congratulations to our Jamaican friends,
family and neighbours. Embrace what you have learned in the past 50 years and
strive for an even brighter future.



  1. As a Jamaican and married to a Caymanian native, I fully endorse and accept the kind and timely sentiments on Jamaica’s 50th expressed in your Editorial for 06 August.

    It certainly is an undeniable fact which cannot be ignored that the Cayman-Jamaica connection runs extremely deep. Even after Jamaica obtained independence from Great Britain 50 years ago, the bond remains firmly intact. You said it right that our history is bonded through blood and history.

    I’m glad that the special feature on Jamaica’s 50 years of independence appearing in the 26 July edition of the Compass is available at your Shedden Road office for anyone who missed it.

    Long live the Cayman-Jamaica connection and may God bless our two islands!!!

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