Bluff tops for homeowners

Cayman Brac’s bluff towers high above the Island with its winding road cut through white limestone rock studded with semi-precious Caymaninte; the bluff view is breathtaking. 

With marvellous views of the ocean, nesting birds, bat caves and new roads, Cayman Brac bluff has become the top destination for new homeowners. 

Even district residents who have homes below on either sides of the bluff are opting to build a second home in case of an emergency such as a hurricane or just for its scenic view.  

It might not have looked this way for the few residents who lived and worked in Cayman Brac long ago because of inaccessibility, but those living and working there today see the benefits of owning a home on this piece of cliff top. 

Prime and pristine landscape with easy access to new roads and clean environment makes this the ideal place to build a home. 

The bluff is the most prominent physical feature of the Island with heights of 140-feet, which divides the northern and southern halves of the Island.  

In years gone by Brackers had no way to access this rich and fertile high ground except by a steep winding climb on foot. 

From the bluff top can be seen quaint and traditional Caymanian homes nestled in green foliage sprinkled about the Island highlighting the blue Cayman sea as a marvellous backdrop. 

“I was one of the first ones to have a home on the bluff,” said Spot Bay resident Hennburgh Dixon, adding he is happy he thought to build the home on the bluff after the roads were put in. Living in Spot Bay near the sea, Mr. Dixon uses the home on the bluff as a safe house when a hurricane is approaching. 

He built the home in a fall pocket between the rocks to protect it from the winds. At first he thought it was not a good idea and feared flood water from the higher levels would causing leaking, but after testing it during Hurricane Paloma it worked out perfectly because it took away some of the effects of the strong winds.  

Not only have homeowners found the bluff enticing and a safer place to be in bad weather, businesses have started to flourish on the bluff top. The Agriculture Department, the Mosquito Research Unit, the Veterans centre, Aston Rutty centre, the asphalt plant, power and light plant, radio towers and many other established businesses are now situated there. 

The bluff also provides crevices for nesting white-tailed tropical birds to breed as well as for a host of other local animals such as iguanas, rock lizards and frigates birds. 

Cayman Brac bluff

The rock cliff reaches to heights of 140 feet.

Cayman Brac bluff house

A home on the bluff.

Cayman Brac bluff road to Ag

This new road on the bluff leads to the Agricuture Department. – Photos: jewel levy

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