Six rounded up in WB drug bust

RCIPS Police Helicopter main
A proactive police operation that led to the arrest of six men for various drug related offences in West Bay over the weekend is something the Cayman Islands public will be seeing more of in the coming months, police said Sunday.

Despite some difficulties encountered in filling all open positions at the police department, Royal Cayman Islands Police Chief Inspector Robert Scotland said additional police staffing levels are starting to kick in.

Police were given $4.6 million in additional funding to hire new officers in last year’s government budget.

“The fact that we have acquired officers to sufficiently staff some areas of the department that were previously understaffed is now allowing us to become proactive, instead of reactive,” Chief Inspector Scotland said. “This applies across the Islands and is not just limited to West Bay district.”

During a Saturday night raid on a home in West Bay, six men – ages 22 to 55 – were taken into custody.

Patrol officers, the RCIPS K-9 unit and the police helicopter pitched in to help out with the raid.

The men have not been charged. They were arrested on suspicion of consumption of a controlled drug and possession of drugs with intent to supply among other offences.

An unspecified among of ganja was recovered during the raid.

RCIPS Police Helicopter

The RCIPS helicopter


  1. THE drug war is a war that can’t be won. WHY just not legalize GANJA one time and done, think about the money the country could be saving and making to help with the national budget. And do other good things with this sin tax. Places like the united states will make cannabis legal in all states soon. PEOPLE are getting license to grown and sell marijuana by the state. TOURIST would enjoy this paradise even more and the RCIPS could concentrate on real stuff like narcotics,organized crime,murders,robberies. CORRUPTIONS Just to begin with.

  2. Does anyone else out there see it as a coincidence that after the government announcement that the helicopter would be sold that it features prominently in a proactive police drug raid.
    Until details are forthcoming I for one am a bit skeptical.

  3. I hope this will probably change the minds of those who have nothing but negative thoughts about the RCIPS no matter what it does. Let us give credit where credit is due.

    One of the essentials in law enforcement is to be proactive in the fight against crime. The West Bay operation over the weekend that resulted in the rounding up and arrest of the six men is a fine example of this. And, as stated, the purblic will be seeing more of this proactive operation in the future.

    Kudos to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service for a job well done! Keep on keeping on!

  4. Sam Public: At least you have the guts to say what many wish to say. After reading up on the history of the criminal1zation of marijuana I too understand it is a waste of time and money, based on fear and race. They say; Beep, beep pot head you driving too slow. Slow down rummy, you don’t see that wall.

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