Editorial for 15 August: Corral gov’t spending first

Revolution – A complete overthrow of the established
government in any country or state by those who were previously subjected to
it. See also Insurrection; Rebellion.

At least two members of the Legislative Assembly are
concerned that the Cayman Islands could find itself in a revolution if our
younger, educated Caymanians aren’t given proper opportunities to work on their
home soil.

While the Caymanian Compass thinks using the word revolution
is a bit dramatic, we do support the idea that Caymanians should be given the
first right of refusal to jobs, if they are qualified.

We acknowledge there are highly educated, qualified
Caymanians who have come home to find it difficult to gain employment. They
must not give up.

The warning came at a meeting of Generation Now, which was
held Thursday for a panel to discuss the economy and budget woes in the Cayman

While there are many qualified Caymanians to take on the
jobs in the financial industry and tourism, there are just as many more who
have been failed by the public education system.

Cayman Free Press has long advocated for an education system
that works hand-in-hand with businesses and employers located here to ensure
that students are being taught the right courses to step out of school and
begin working to reduce the need to import labour. We have failed a generation
of Caymanians by not doing this.

Kudos to Generation Now for keeping the hot-button issues
out in front and encouraging candid debate, but we do politely ask that they
rethink charging an entrance fee. There are some young people in that group who
are successful and who are willing to work within the political system to see
that changes – for the good – are made. While we can all make strides to see
that our qualified Caymanians are placed in jobs, when it comes to the budget,
government still relies heavily on fees from work and residency permits to earn
revenue. The problem that must be addressed – with or without a revolution – is
the heavy spending on the part of government. It must be brought under control.


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