Editorial for 16 August: Reasonable doubts

Contrary to recent statements made by Premier McKeeva Bush,
Cayman Free Press takes our role in this community very responsibly. Our
journalistic standards always aim to report the news in an accurate, fair,
balanced and responsible way.

Every journalist and editor regularly has to sort through
many statements made by a variety of people, many of which contain fanciful
spin or outright falsehoods. That we sometimes interpret these statements in
opinion pieces using our own knowledge and experience isn’t an indication we
are biased or that we don’t love the country; it’s an indication that we take
our responsibility as the free press seriously.

Take for instance the list of developments Mr. Bush recently
said will stimulate Cayman’s economy and create jobs. Trying to suggest these
developments will definitely happen any time soon is certainly wishful thinking
at the very least and to allow Mr. Bush to say these things without a reality
check on our part would be irresponsible.

For instance, Mr. Bush said the Dart Group is developing two
hotels on Seven Mile Beach. Although Dart has said it has enough land to build
more than just two hotels, it is only close to developing one in the short

Saying Dragon Bay is going to be developed is also rather
bold, given the current circumstances. We know the Dart Group has invested into
the North Sound Golf Club, but no one has said anything about Dragon Bay still
definitively being developed, particularly soon.

Mr. Bush also mentioned a golf course in North Side, the
Grand Cayman airport expansion and a hotel in Bodden Town, all of which are
still in early planning phases and a long way from actually creating jobs and
stimulating the economy.

Conversely, a series of Dart Group projects that could
stimulate the economy and create jobs remains on hold because the government
hasn’t signed the final agreements. For whatever reason, the government seems
more focused on rhetoric and wishful thinking than actual progress, and
although we certainly hope the government proves us wrong, we’d be remiss if we
didn’t express our doubts.



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