Tutoring programmes can help

Perhaps your child is under achieving at school and needs help with certain subjects. Or maybe your child feels academically under challenged and wants to be tested on a higher level. A tutoring programme may be the answer.

Cayman Learning Centre

The Cayman Learning Centre provides tutoring programmes, tailored to each child’s unique skill-set and academic aspirations.

The programmes are for children at preschool or high school and children who feel academically under or over challenged.

One of the courses on offer is the ‘Building Blocks Programme’, aimed at preschool students aged 3 -5.

The programme runs daily in two and a half hour sessions and because the student teacher ratio never exceeds six to one, your child gets plenty of attention and assistance from the staff.

Fun activities are used to encourage learning; your child will be taught subjects such as; colours, shapes, fine motor skill development, numbers, the alphabet and phonics, along with other basic skills.

Furthermore, the young students attending this programme will gain important socialisation skills as they join their peers at circle time, group activities, snack and craft.

Focusing on building young students’ confidence, the programme will help children develop a love for learning, as well as getting prepared for a successful academic career.

The second tutoring course Cayman Learning Centre offers is the Core Learning Programme; designed for students years one though high school.

This programme starts off with the skill assessment; building a picture of your child’s skill inventory.

A learning program is then customised to address identified developmental skills to ensure your child succeeds academically.

With this programme, students will receive focused sessions; lasting 50 minutes starting on the hour. Additionally, they will benefit from small class sizes; maximum teacher to student ratio is three to one.

Furthermore, individualised programmes are shaped to each students needs, and the child will be continually monitored on his/her progress.

Regular parent discussions and feedback on performance are also given every 10 sessions so parents can make sure their child’s needs are being met.

Sylvan Learning Centre

Sylvan Learning Centre also offers a wide variety of tutoring programmes to benefit a range of different ages; from elementary school, middle/junior high school to high school.

Their comprehensive ‘Sylvan Skills Assessment’ will help them identify your child’s skills and what they need help and tutoring with.

Sylvan offer assistance with math, reading, writing, homework help, test prep, college prep and study skills; which includes time management and note-taking.

Furthermore, for high school students, Sylvan can help with preparing your child for the internationally recognised CXC, O-Level and A-Level exams.

Examination subjects they offer help with include, mathematics, English Language and Literature, physics, biology, geography, history, chemistry, Spanish, accounts, economics and computer Science.

So if you’re trying to find a tutoring programme for your child; make sure it’s a customised programme that will be shaped specifically around your childs’ needs..

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