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Once high school is over, it’s time to decide whether to stay in full time education for a few more years, or gain the necessary skills to enter the job market as soon as possible. Whichever you decide, the chances are you’ll need at least a little more training, be it vocational or academic.

Both UCCI and ICCI offer a range of short courses and full degree courses, and with many running in the evenings, they can often be fitted in around a full time job.


Continuing Education Programme: A number of academic, leisure and vocational courses lasting between seven and 14 weeks develop specific skills in these areas. These courses are typically offered in the evenings so that they can be fitted in around full time employment. Continuing education classes begin each semester.

Certificate Programmes: Certificate programmes offered by UCCI are more vocational in nature and can be taken in subjects such as computer technician, electrical technology, construction technology and hospitality studies. Students who successfully complete these courses can go on to enrol in degree programmes. Certificate programmes last one academic year.

Degree Programmes: UCCI offers Associate and Bachelor’s Degree programmes, the Associate’s degree usually comprising the first two years of study for the Bachelors degree, so have the option to continue on to the Bachelor programme. Associate Degree course are offered in business administration, economics, hospitality management, literary studies, social studies, computer science, mathematics, sciences, accounting, and office administration. Bachelors Degree programmes are offered in business administration, computer science, natural science, social science and education.

Registration begins in August and classes start on 3 September. Students can enrol up to that date.


ICCI courses run in the evenings making them accessible to those in regular employment. A variety of short and long courses are offered.

Professional Development: These courses, which run for 11 weeks, are not certification courses but students gain credits which can count towards a degree. The most popular of these courses are the computer science and Spanish courses. These courses are designed to improve the skills and qualifications of individuals who choose not to attend college or university full time.

Associate Degrees: These courses can be complete in as little as 18 months. Associate Degrees in Business are available with concentrations in accounting, banking, broadcasting, finance, hotel and tourism and information systems management.

Bachelors Degrees: Bachelor of Science Degrees are offered in Human social Sciences, Liberal Studies, Office Administration and Business Administration (with concentrations in accounting and finance)

Post Graduate: ICCI also offers an MBA course and a Master’s in management with concentrations in Human Resources and Education.

Registration: Priority registration began on 6 August and runs until 24 August. General registration is 27 August – 14 September. Classes begin 17 September.


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