Bootcamp presents cheque to Cayman Crisis Centre

A seminar, demonstration and fundraising event was held at The Bootcamp Gym on Saturday, 4 August. 

Top Krav Maga instructors flew to the Cayman Islands to aid Ronnie James Hughes, owner of The Bootcamp, in teaching the students self-defence skills. 

The seminar proved popular; more than 80 people attended and $1,000 was raised for the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. 

“We managed to get 87 people through the doors that day to what turned out to be an amazing event for all involved. The feedback has been tremendous,” said Ronnie Hughes. 

On Wednesday, 15 August, Hughes and Dax Foster from Progressive Distributors, presented a cheque for $1,000 to Dawn McLean-Sawney, from the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. 

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The crisis centre provides safe, temporary shelter and a supportive environment for abused women and children.  

“Our services include a 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter, aftercare programme, The Children and Youth Programme and the Outreach Programme,” said Ania Milanowska-Sedgley, the executive director of the crisis centre. 

The CICC was established in 2003 and it is the territory’s first and only organisation that provides emergency shelter and support services for victims of domestic abuse. 

Ms Milanowska-Sedgley advised that the money raised during the Krav Maga seminar will go directly to fund daily operations and programmes of the CICC.  

“We would not exist without these generous donations. Ronnie Hughes has not only raised funds for the CICC but also opened the doors of his gym to our clients, staff and volunteers for unlimited use,” she said. “His exact words were: ‘my gym is your gym’. Ronnie is simply a wonderful man and we are very grateful for his help and generosity.” 

Ms Milanowska-Sedgley informed that both present and former clients of the Crisis Centre, as well as staff and volunteers, are attending the self-defence classes at the gym. 

“The most important result of learning self-defence techniques is feeling empowered and confident and I hope that my clients will greatly benefit from it,” she said. 

Mr. Hughes runs the woman’s only self-defence class every Wednesday night at The Bootcamp Gym. He teaches students important skills to defend from all sorts of attacks, including gun or knife threats.  

“This charity is vital. Not just in the support sense but from a humanitarian sense. No one should ever have to feel intimidated or be a victim,” Mr. Hughes said. “Those that inflict suffering on others are weak cowards. We are here at The Bootcamp to show these ladies that they can empower themselves, mentally and physically to overcome both the physical pain and the psychological anguish they have suffered at the hands of these bullies.” 

Krav cheque Bootcamp

Members of the Bootcamp Gym and Dax Foster, Progressive Distributers, present a cheque of $1,000 to Dawn McLean-Sawney, from the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. – Photos: Submitted

Krav cheque Bootcamp 2

Bootcamp Gym owner Ronnie James Hughes presents a cheque of $1,000 to Dawn McLean-Sawney from the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.
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