Courier robbery suspects nabbed

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service arrested two men in connection with Thursday’s robbery of a courier in the parking area outside BritCay House on Eastern Avenue.

According to police, the arrests took place in operations Thursday night.

The two men, ages 32 and 28, were arrested on suspicion of robbery. A white Mitsubishi Gallant believed to have been used during the offence was recovered along with some of the property stolen from the victim. 

A firearm has also been recovered, police said.

Police confirmed Thursday that a lone armed suspect was responsible for a mid-day heist outside a George Town office building.

However, police surmised that a second individual – who did not get out of the vehicle at the location – served as the getaway driver

Police said the incident happened around 1.10pm Thursday. The suspect held up a Sprint company delivery driver outside the BritCay House building on Eastern Avenue and made off in a white Mitsubishi Gallant, according to reports received by the Caymanian Compass.

No shots were fired and no one was hurt in the hold-up.

Sprint car

Police at the scene of Thursday’s robbery.
Photo: File


  1. Firearm you say?

    well…he must have had a permit and gotten that firearm legally.

    oh wait a minute. You mean, he doesn’t follow the law and has the gun illegally?!

    I guess keeping those guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens with laws, is really helping.

  2. I congratulate the RCIP for the prompt arrest of the two individuals involved in this crime.

    Big berd – I implore you, please read a copy of this report on The Effects of Gun Prevalence on Burglary: Deterrence vs Inducement.

    Whether you change your mind or not is irrelevant to me, I’m just pointing out a well written professional study on the point we were going back on forth over yesterday with actual facts (I didn’t produce any facts about gun ownership robberies, I just mentioned what I thought would happen – I seem to remember you were the same).

    Not looking for another back and forth, just read it. Knowledge is power.


    And I can find just as many studies that say the opposite.

    Gun ownership goes up, crime goes down…that’s how it works, explains Washington Times senior editor and recent gun owner Emily Miller. A woman I might add.

    Please. It’s like saying a frog isn’t a frog. It’s common sense.
    For one second. Forget about your bias. And ask yourself this.
    If you had to break into a home. And home 1 has no firearm. And home 2 has a firearm. And both homes have identical stuff.

    Even if you have a gun yourself, to do the robbery. Which home are you going to chose to break into. HMMM?

    Now that you have answered that. You know what guns in the home, does for home invasions.

    Common sense.


  4. Most likely they blabbed about it and then got ratted out by one of their Buds. Stupid is as stupid does…………. wouldn’t you at least try to hide the gun and get rid of any evidence? With the gun charge, someone is going to get free meals for a long long time.

  5. Big Berd, I don’t know why you bother to change the mind of people who are clearly more interested in the wellbeing or criminals than law abiding citizens. People like this have usually never been the victim of a violent crime. See how quickly they change their minds when they find themselves helplessly hiding in the closet while one of their loved ones in being attacked or staring done the barrel of gun themselves. This would be a great time to ask them how important this crooks wellbeing is to them..

  6. Easy now NJ2Cay. I care very much for the well being of the criminal. I think it is important that they get at least 1 hour a day outdoors. 2-3 AM works well and I think and will give the 3rd shifters something to do. Meals are also important, think of all the waste when the date code expires at the supermarket. The prison could get this stuff at deep discounts. They need a little social time too. Group shower time would help relieve any stress they may be harboring over having stuck a gun in the face of a decent person. Or how about circle Russian Roulette once a week? I also hear waterboarding is great for cleansing ones soul.

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