Don’t ‘Doubt’ these theatrics

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s production of John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt: A Parable, continues its run at the Studio Theatre through Sunday. 

Tickets for Doubt can be purchased at Foster’s Food Fair – Airport, Strand, and Countryside locations – Funky Tangs and The Harquail Theatre Box Office and cost $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 and younger.  

Showtimes are 5-7 and 12-14 October; Fridays and Saturdays 8pm; Sundays 6pm at the Harquail Studio Theatre.  

For more information on Doubt or any of the programmes of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, call 949-5477. 

Doubt 1

Marcia Muttoo and Rita Estevanovich as Sister Aloysius and Sister James. – Photos: Submitted

Doubt 2

Juliet Garricks realistically portrays Mrs. Muller.

Doubt 3

Peter Kosa plays a convincing role as Father Flynn.

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