Wild scene at multi-car wreck

Although precise details about the crash were still difficult to confirm Friday night, three people were hospitalised after a multiple vehicle wreck on West Bay Road.

At least three cars, possibly as many as five, collided near the Captain’s Bakery Friday evening, forcing police to close off a section of the road through Grand Cayman’s busiest tourism district.

Details on how the crash occurred or which passenger from what vehicle was sent to hospital were unclear. None of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening, according to emergency personnel.

Police were also apparently trying to sort out a bust-up that occurred after the crash where an individual is alleged to have punched a firefighter. No further details on that were immediately available.

Police were looking into drink driving as a suspected cause of the crash.

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  1. It’s because we have 3 different types of roundabouts and the English rules DO NOT WORK here.
    Simply put, end of all accidents is really simple: You enter on the left, you take the first left exit.
    That will prevent all accidents from happening on a roundabout.

    Take pieces of paper, and pretend they are cars. Draw a roundabout and try it.

    Put a car coming into the inside lane, And a car coming into the outside lane. Outside lane car exits first left exit
    Inside car goes to second, 3rd whatever exit.

    You will see it is IMPOSSIBLE for those two cars to get into an accident. Period.

    You never have to look over your left shoulder in the inside lane if that simple rule is followed.

    The English rules do not work here, because we do not have uniformed roundabouts. We have 3 or 4 different types of roundabouts. All with different rules.

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