CayShop: Make the Cayman Islands your shopping venue of choice

This year the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce a brand new and improved annual Business Expo. Called “CayShop”, the popular annual showcase for Cayman businesses is expanding to include more opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses to market their goods and services in a dedicated environment. Broadening the reach for small and cottage industries here in the Cayman Islands means everyone now has the ability to reach out to new customers through CayShop.  

In addition, CayShop is also a brand new campaign spearheaded by the Chamber to encourage everyone to buy local, because buying local means that everybody wins. 


More choice than ever before  

Cayman’s retail offerings have grown in diversity beyond recognition over the last decade. Gone are the days when residents needed to shuttle back and forth to the United States hauling back huge stacks of luggage filled with purchases.  

Nowadays, the choice and quality of goods available locally to consumers has improved tremendously from years gone by, with niche boutique and cottage industries providing customers with unique and often locally-made goods complementing warehouse-style supermarkets selling bulk items at lower prices at the other end of the spectrum. Everyday necessities, occasional purchases and one-off gift items are all now within easy reach, readily available and in a wide choice.  

Savvy shoppers are today loyal to particular brands and local businesses have recognised the importance of this phenomenon, so brand name electrical equipment, clothes, shoes, food, household items and more are all available and in a good range to consumers here in the Cayman Islands, without buyers having to go to the expense and hassle of travelling overseas to obtain their favourite purchases.  


Buying locally makes sense   

Malcolm Eden, managing director of the Audiophile group says that there are many benefits for consumers when they purchase locally, quite apart from the convenience and reduction in cost from not having to travel overseas for purchases. 

“Customers who shop locally get the ability to experience the product first-hand before purchasing,” he said. “In addition, products can be purchased with warranties, which may not be the case if bought overseas.” 

Chris Upstone, manager at Creative Tech, agreed and said that as agents for some of the electronic world’s biggest names, such as Bose, Sharp, Paradigm and Toshiba, they always offer the manufacturer’s guaranty here on island. 

Mr Upstone said that shopping locally also means additional services are available to customers, such as the added advantage of having home installation, if need be, as well as trained technicians on hand for home repairs. Mr Eden said his company offers a similar service.  

While prices are frequently more expensive here in the Cayman Islands when compared to their equivalent overseas, Mr Eden said that his prices are very competitive. 

“They are typically in-line with the manufacturers’ suggested retail price. For example, if a Denon or Definitive Technology product retails for US$300, our price will be CI$300,” he confirms, adding that his company’s feature brands are currently Savant Systems, Vantage Controls, URC, Bowers-Wilkins, KEF, Denon, Definitive Technology, Harman Kardon, Revel, JBL and Infinity. 

Mr Eden added: “There is sometimes a misconception that prices locally are high, however that is not always the case.” 

Featuring a wide cross section of local retailers and service providers, CayShop will give everyone who visits the opportunity to enjoy some of the participating business’s fantastic offers and specials. The event is free to anyone who wants to come and browse and perhaps find a new product or service that they did not realise was offered here on-island. The Chamber encourages everyone to attend this important showcase of Cayman goods and services.  


CayShop will take place at The Arc at Camana Bay from 25 to 27 October. 


Hundreds attended the opening night of the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo 2011. The event has been renamed CayShop. – Photo: File

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