Sevens women try for Olympics

The new look women’s rugby programme began over the weekend as three seven-a-side teams took to the pitch in the Global Captive Management Hob Sevens Series.

The series is played over each Saturday between the three clubs, Storm, Pigs and a joint Buccaneers/Iguanas.

It is the first time that the Cayman Islands Rugby Union has had enough registered women to be able to hold a domestic competition and their aim is to go much further than that said director of rugby Richard ‘Grizz’ Adams.

“It is great that women’s rugby is finally growing among the local population. We have introduced the sport through the schools over the past ten years but it has never really found any popularity with the women and never really taken off.

“We are now seeing that trend change and I believe that in part it is due to rugby sevens now being a part of the 2016 Olympics for men and women in Rio de Janeiro. 
“In Cayman we now have real opportunities to offer to any female athlete who wants to work hard at the game.”

Cayman will host the North American and Caribbean Rugby Association Sevens next year which will host around five or six women’s sides from around the region.

With Canada and the USA currently ranked one and two in NACRA as well as the world it leaves opportunities for the best other NACRA team to qualify for world class tournaments.

The 2013 NACRA sevens will automatically qualify the winner into the 2014 CACSO games as well as the 2014 PAN AM games both of which are superb opportunities for female athletes who may not have any development pathways to get into such games in other sports.

“Currently we sit around fifth in the regional rankings, Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana are all better than us currently but the gap has closed each year despite us having to select from a tiny squad of eligible players,” said Grizz.

“I know that with the new recruits we are seeing join the game now and with some more work getting some other local athletes to try the sport we can be the best team in the NACRA tournament in 2013.

“As part of the development we will run the women’s sevens series and then in January we will start a four club women’s ten a side championship played over four months alongside the DART Alex Alexander Championship for the men.

“This will give Cayman the only domestic women’s rugby league in the region outside of Canada and the USA and will help to leapfrog our development locally and regionally.

“For the women a small improvement can take the team a very long way by 2016. If anyone reading this wants to get involved then we are welcoming new players each Monday evening at the rugby club on South Sound at 5.15pm.

“You just need some runners shorts and a shirt you don’t mind getting dirty. We have the rest ready to go and thriving community of female players waiting to welcome you.”

The series is played over each Saturday between the three clubs, Storm, Pigs and a joint Buccaneers/Iguanas.

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