TeleCayman is smashing again

Local league squash is back and the first week really began with some great games.

The fall session of the TeleCayman Team Squash League kicked off on Thursday 11 October at South Sound Squash Club. The league will run every Thursday at 7.15pm until 29 November.

This year, there has been a change of format as the league consists of eight teams with four players on each team who will compete in a round robin format for the eight weeks.

Each team consists of an A, B, C and a D level player. The fourth position on the team has added a different dimension to the evening’s outcome as many battles may be tied, bringing the final result to count back to points, which means every point does count.

Another incentive for the teams to earn extra points is any team who does not use a substitute player on their team each week receives five extra points to their overall total.

Seven out of eight teams are sponsored by a business and have their team funded and one team consist of individual entries. All players are placed on teams according to their level of play, which guarantees everyone a great match each night.

Sponsored teams consist of Digicel (Diehards), Walkers (Wanderers), two teams from KPMG (Pumpkin Squash and Gem Squash), The Security Centre (Sheriffs), Aon (United), and reigning champions from the past two leagues, Sotheby’s International Realty (Squashers). The name of the team with individual players is Squash 20/20 in recognition of World Squash Day.

World Squash Day is 20 October and it is to raise awareness of squash with the goal of it becoming an Olympic sport in 2020. The South Sound Squash Club will be hosting a free open house on Saturday from 2-4pm for members and the general public to try squash for the first time. Complimentary court time and equipment will be provided.

After a great first night of some fantastic squash the results are in for week one.

Team Sotheby’s International Realty and Team Drive hold two of the top three matches for week 1, while Team Boast and Team Nick hold the third.

The top match for week 1 was between Brian Hurley, Digicel Diehards against Otis Myles from Squash 20/20. This was the only five-setter of the evening and even though Hurley started out slowly, he came back to win the second, won in extra points in the third, however he could not quite finish the fourth and fifth.

With both players running each other all over the court, each point was critical. Both battled for contention however Myles eventually overtook Hurley winning the tie for Squash 20/20 3-2. (11/0, 9/11, 10/12, 11/6, 11/7).

The second most memorable match of the night was from substitute player Barlo MacLean, of Aon United and Shaun Devine representing The Security Centre Sheriffs. This was a critical match for Aon United as MacLean had to win for them to have any chance of winning the encounter.

Starting off solid, MacLean took the first game 11/8 and stunned Devine in the second allowing Devine only one point. The quick second game helped Devine as he challenged back winning a tight third game in extra points, however it was MacLean who was too strong and closed the match in the fourth taking the match 3-1 (11/8, 11/1, 10/12, 11/7). With the addition of the fourth player, the winning team of this battle was decided by calculating all game points. Unfortunately, even though MacLean won the match, Aon United (116 points) lost to The Security Centre (120 points) by only four points overall.

Any questions on the league, squash programmes or memberships at the South Sound Squash Club, contact club manager, Amanda Stark at [email protected]

The top match for week 1 was between Brian Hurley, Digicel Diehards against Otis Myles from Squash 20/20.

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