Leave our stingrays alone

Letter to the Editor

Let us get it very clear to the whole world; the stingrays and all that is in the sea around our Islands belong to us, Caymanians. 

We don’t need anyone from anywhere to come to our Islands and destroy anything in our sea. 

Our animals or fish, our coral, our turtles and stingrays are very special to us, as all other things on Cayman. 

But lately I have found out that some people that are not Caymanian came here and for their own greed and disrespect for our Islands and its people and the laws of this country had some of our beloved stingrays from Stingray City in their possession yes, for their pockets to be filled with money that would come from tourists. 

Our stingrays are not dolphins that you have now in the dolphin parks. They are private property of the Caymanian people and to remove them from Stingray City or anywhere else around Cayman and place them in tanks for fun and to make money is against the law and if it is against the law, those that did this crazy act should be punished by the law. 

It is high time Caymanians stand up for what is being taken from our sea around Cayman other than by us. Those people that took those stingrays from our waters need to be shut down. I know if it was a Caymanian only park, meaning owned by Caymanians, the whole Police Marine Task Force would come down on him and by now he would be out on bail. 

We cannot allow anyone from the outside world to take things from our sea and we cannot, reason being, we have laws that we must follow when it comes to taking from the sea; even some of them that are harsh against the Caymanian way of life and his special foods from the sea. 

We should make it a bit easier for the real Caymanian to get food from the sea, but all stingrays around Cayman have a very strict protection from any taking them from the sea. And all from the outside world here with us Caymanians should respect the laws and the people of the Cayman Islands. 

Leave our stingrays alone. 


Emile S. Levy 


  1. I agree with Mr Levy about the undesirability of private companies removing stingrays for their own commercial purposes.

    I’m not quite sure why it has to become a caymanian vs the world xenophobic issue though.

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