For those behind bars

Leter to the Editor

What a sad way we have found ourselves in the year 2012 where we find a lot of our young and middle aged Caymanians behind bars; some of them as victims of the system. 

Not all of them are bad. Many of them are there innocently as I once was. 

A part of this wicked, blameful system we have here in Cayman that is destroying a great part of our culture, many of the people behind bars for so many years will also effect our Caymanian population because they will not produce children in such a way that would help us to keep up the number of Caymanians on Cayman. 

Many of our old people are dying off and the Cayman men that we need to help replace them are behind bars. We must stop sending people to Northward for simple things and most of all, stop sending innocent people there too. 

And Mr. Duncan Taylor, please take a closer look at those who have been there in Northward prison long over their life time period, which is also set in England and free all of those that have been in Northward over the period set by England; set them free after they have served their debt to the country. 

Brothers, do not fall into the system’s trap and find yourselves back in prison. You are no good to anyone behind bars. When you do get a break and you come out of prison, do your best to find a job and if you cannot find a job, then try and use your wisdom and your strength to do something to help yourself even if you have to go fishing or sell beach coral or chop bush. But do not get back onto the court house trap. 

The only thing that will happen to you is more pain and a waste of your life and cost you money while you are locked away in prison. You cannot make any children or take care of the ones you do have already. You cannot guide them and teach them not to fall in the same trap that many of you fall into. The trap will catch your children. 

This is one of the reasons you will find father and son sometimes in the same jail serving time. We must break this wicked circle and try to empty Northward Prison, although we will not be able to help all of you in that nasty prison full of drugs and a total waste of your life. 

Many of you that refuse to change will continue to be part of that prison life; in and out of it until perhaps you die or get too sick to stay there anymore. 

But still we must reach out to all of you and try and turn you around. 

So, my brothers and sisters there in the down low behind bars, hold yourselves strong and make that change that lets you come out of prison as a new person and never go back there for the rest of your life.  

I do also know that many of you who are there have been framed by the police. As many of you know, I was a victim of this frame up by the system and was there in prison with many of you that are still there since and before my time there as an innocent man. 

Hold tight to the promise that God gave all men. Trust in Him and He will remove all your shackles and open any prison door and set you free. 

But first of all, and most of all, you must have a real desire to be free and stay free. 

This life outside here is not easy, but it is always better than behind any prison walls, so to all the brothers and sisters, we need you out here with us to help fight the good fight and help keep our good ship Cayman afloat and for the survival of our culture, we need each and all Caymanians in this big fight.  

So please top the revolving door of prison life and make a positive change. 


Emile S. Levy 

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  1. Emile,
    Speaking in simple population numbers and gaps that are forming, it goes far beyond those behind bars.
    How many young men have died or been murdered in the period 2000-2012? Now compare that number to the number of females. Of those who died from a criminal act, then compare how many of them are young males incarcerated from these events.

    This statement you made is disturbing:
    You cannot make any children or take care of the ones you do have already.

    Are the incarcerated men the people you want reproducing in your territory? Really?
    In my opinion, one of the least admitted and addressed challenges in Cayman are the number of single moms, many with kids from multiple fathers, whom they receive little support from. This is a guaranteed formula for poverty, especially in a country with such a high cost of living. Family planning appears a foreign concept in some sectors of the Caymans population. Your letter is in no way going to help the cause.