Editorial for 01 November: A new, solid education plan

For several years we have used this space to lament the fact
that it seems that every four years there is a shakeup in the government
education system when a new minister of Education makes changes to leave his or
her mark.

It has been frustrating for administrators, teachers,
students, parents and business owners.

But there is now a long-term draft plan in place that spells
out exactly what is going to be expected from those stakeholders to improve the
education system, starting with the youngest students.

Unlike past plans that were envisioned and forced through,
this one came about after long discussion sessions with all the above involved
including, for a change, students. Work on this plan has been ongoing for a few
years, so unlike past plans, it has a long-term vision.

Now those involved with drafting the plan want to hear from
you. Log on to www.education.gov.ky and look for the box that says Strategic
Plan for Education 2012-2017. Click there and you will be directed to the
public consultation survey. It’s quite user friendly and the final draft plan
will be drafted, in part, based on that survey. It’s important that as many
people as possible take part in the survey to let the drafters know how the
future of public education should be shaped in the Cayman Islands.

Public input will be taken until 9 November, which is next
week. It’s not a long public consultancy period, but it doesn’t need to be.

We believe if you are truly interested in the government
education system you will take the survey and offer your feedback. There is
also a place for comments on the survey.

We’re excited about the plan because it is a long-term,
straightforward map to improve public education so that school leavers are
equipped with life and work skills. Too, it’s been drafted to succeed despite
who in Education is the minister or who is chief officer; it isn’t about
political philosophy.

As Chief Officer Mary Rodriguez told us, “These are the
things we must do; we will do.”

It sounds like everyone in Education is finally going to be
on the same page.




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