Hopscotch hosts talent search

Young Caymanians vie for a chance at career in music

Hopscotch Recording Studios held its first talent search at their headquarters on North Sound Way on 27 October. 

The exercise was an opportunity for aspiring artists, between the ages of 13 and 25, to be heard and critiqued by judges, with the winners of the competition will receiving a recording contract to produce and EP, along with management for one year.  

Judges for the morning’s happenings included musician Samuel Rose of the Swanky Kitchen Band, Rita Estevanovich of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation and Ben Hudson of Beneficial Entertainment. All three judges have scholastic training in music in addition to being regular performers. Their job was to find the best voice with a complimentary look and a desire to fully embrace to rigours of being a successful musician. 

Owner of Hopscotch Studios and member of the Memory of Justice Band Mr. Charles “Greggy G” Gregory was on hand to oversee the event and observe the talent as they stepped into the studio and took their spot behind the mic. 

“I have been thinking about this for a while,” Mr. Gregory says. “There is so much untapped talent and we want to see what we can do to help them continue to grow from strength to strength musically. We have some good people such as Jason Gilbert, Samuel Rose and other talented young people who can help to facilitate that kind of growth, while setting a good example in all areas.” 

Videos from the morning’s auditions were taped, as well as recorded on Pro Tools.  

“From what I understand there is some good stuff there,” Mr. Gregory says. “We are looking for that diamond we can polish. There is also the possibility of doing one more of these to make sure we have looked at enough of the young talent on the Island.” 

Hopscotch Studios will also be conducting seminars to educate aspiring musicians and help them bridge the gap to accomplish musically. 

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