You too can do brilliant and beautiful Bollywood dancing

Are you ready for the colour, interpretive creativity and sheer joy of Bollywood dance? 

Good. Cause there’s someone here to now teach us all about it. 

Rachna Buxani began to study the Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam) at the tender age of 5 for 10 years and acquired several certifications.  

She has performed in and organised several shows in India and Dubai, and has also trained individuals in contemporary Bollywood dance.  

Growing up in the metropolitan city of Dubai with a diverse cultural background, Rachna has had the advantage of absorbing different cultures from east and west.  

Her childhood was spent in India, her formative years in Dubai and her master’s degree in school guidance counselling was completed in the United States.  

Rachna Buxani has been residing in the Cayman Islands for a little more than six years working in the capacity of a counsellor both in government and private school settings, however, her passion for Indian dance continues to flourish. 

First hit is free 

Pioneering in her stance, she jumped at the opportunity to organise the Bollywood entertainment at an event organised by the Sunsrise Rotary Club in Grand Cayman.  

“I don’t think there was one person who wasn’t up on the dance floor, it was a magical evening that was enjoyed by all. Something a little different,” Rachna says. 

She is now ready to share her passion for Bollywood dance with the residents of Grand Cayman. She will be offering classes to teenagers and adults who wish to learn contemporary Indian dance moves and have lots of fun. Classes will be in the studios of Body Now for Moms and Kids located at the Seven Mile Shops along Seven Mile Beach every Saturday from 10 November at 4pm.  

The first class is free and is positioned as a “taster” session; however, she is convinced that once you try it you’ll come back for the full six-week course. The charge is minimal at only $10 per session and all profit will be donated to a local charity. 


If you are interested to join or find out more, please call Rachna at 322-7173. 

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