Lionfish: Get your licence to cull

Compared with other areas in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands is doing a good job of dealing with the invasive lionfish.  

Keeping their numbers under control, however, is an ongoing battle and the momentum needs to be maintained to stay on top of these pesky predators.  

This means residents need to keep participating in lionfish culling dives, and removing as many of them as possible from our reefs.  

Getting involved in lionfish culling is not hard. In fact, the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and local dive operators make it as easy as possible for you: all you need to do is attend the lionfish culling seminar run by DoE, which is free of charge. This gives you your licence to cull. Then you can take part in the lionfish culling dives which are run every weekend by different dive operators. Single-tank dives are usually just $10 and two-tank dives are $20. 

The DoE is running a lionfish culling seminar on Friday, 9 November, in the Go Pro classroom at Treasure Island. All resident certified divers are welcome to attend, free of charge. The seminar will shed some light on the extent of the lionfish problem in the Caribbean and Atlantic, as well as explaining the potential danger of these venomous fish and highlighting the best methods of catching them.  

The seminar begins at 3pm and runs for about two hours.  


If you can attend this seminar you’ll be qualified in time to participate in the Lionfish Culling Tournament being run by CCMI on 17 November. 

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