Terms of dump environmental impact study released

Public consultation on the proposed new dump in Bodden Town begins

The Department of Environment is inviting the public to give input on the draft terms of reference for an environmental impact assessment into the proposed dump in Bodden Town over the next three weeks.

The terms of reference outline the scope of the impact assessment that will be carried out and provide a general description of what will be contained within the Environmental Statement, which will result from the assessment.

The public has until 29 November to give their comments on the proposed terms of reference which were published on the Department of Environment’s website this week.

The environmental impact assessment will be confined to the area of Bodden Town district where the Dart group, as part of a land swap deal with the government, proposes to locate the dump. However, it will also explore the possibility of taking no action, meaning the continuation of operations at the current facility in George Town, known locally as Mount Trashmore.

The waste management facility proposal is part of the ForCayman Investment Alliance deal. That wide-ranging deal includes the extension of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway from Raleigh Quay into West Bay, which is already under way; closing a section of West Bay Road; and the redevelopment of the old Marriott Courtyard Hotel.

According to the draft terms of reference, the environmental impact assessment into the proposed dump will address all lands likely to be affected by the waste management facility and its associated infrastructure, including access and facilities. The study area is confined to land within 3,000 feet of the 110 acre site and area beyond the 3,000 feet boundary for “visual amenity, traffic and ecology reviews”.

The planned life span of the proposed dump is at least 20 years, calculated from the waste predictions and the available landfill airspace, the terms of reference state.


Next steps

The Environmental Advisory Board, which includes representatives from the Departments of Environment, Planning and Environmental Health, as well as National Roads Authority, Water Authority and Petroleum Inspectorate, drew up the draft terms of reference, which are available for public consultation until 29 November.

Two open house sessions this month will be held this month so the public can review and comment on the draft and give feedback. The sessions will be held at the Bodden Town Civic Centre on Tuesday, 20 November, and at the George Town Public Library on Wednesday, 21 November. Both sessions run from 12 noon to 9pm, with presentations beginning at 7pm. Representatives from the ForCayman Investment Alliance and the Environmental Advisory Board will be available at both sessions.

The Environmental Advisory Board will receive all comments and the board’s consultant will coordinate responses to the comments. Once the public consultation period is completed, the board will approve the final terms of reference.

The EIA consultant will then conduct the environmental impact assessment in accordance with the final terms of reference and develop the environmental study. The study will be also made available for public review for 21 days, during which public meetings will be held. The consultant will draw a final environmental study which will be reviewed by the Environmental Advisory Board and provide a written statement to the government and Dart Realty. Dart Realty will then submit the final environmental study along with a written statement from the Environmental Advisory Board to the Planning Department as part of the planning permission application.

The scope of the assessment will include the potential impact of the facility on groundwater, population dynamics, tourism, air quality and transport routes, among several others.

Hard copies of the terms of reference are available at the Government Administration Building in Elgin Avenue, George Town, at the Bodden Town Public Library and Post Office and at the George Town Public Library.


  1. Air Burners in florida has a waste to energy plant available Now to take care of our landfill check out there website and see what Aruba is doing http://www.airburners.com they have a new product called the pgfirebox that turns garbage into electricty. This is the same type of incinerator now used for our medical waste here on island but with a generator attached to it.It is affordable and EPA approved.

  2. This is another example of the UDP fair and open approach to business in these islands. After slagging off the BT citizens group and telling them that they will get a state of the art waste management facility and not another dump (landfill).

    Surprise- Surprise the terms of reference for the new waste facility describes an unsorted landfill with yard composting (token effect)for the new facility and as this will be run by the same management team and a cash strapped government but this time it is not seen by cruse ships (yet) why are we to believe that BT will not be the same mess as GT within two political terms!!!

    How much government money has been spent employing civil servants to attend meetings, review options, take jollies to visit sites in the US and hold UDP (sorry Government information meetings)on this topic.

    Will this expense just be lost in government expenditure or be published for the public to see in the audited accounts.

    Next question has any of the present and sitting MLAs have a waste company or recycling company – this is for everyone – time to come clean before the next election.

  3. XOXOXO, question for you about the PGFirebox you mention, reading the details on their website it seems like this product is only used for burning clean wood. Are you saying that this could be used to burn regular garbage ?

  4. Nj2cay …YES
    The firebox is used all over the world for all types of material Not just wood ,here in Cayman one is used for medical waste and burning of drugs.In aruba it is used for sewage sludge and landfill material. It is used extensively by the military at the overseas bases to ensure there is nothing left ..and not to beat a dead horse but it is also used to dispose of dead animals.
    What is really cool about the technology is that they have attached a generator to it to make electricty.
    The development of the PGfirebox was funded by the US govt to develop a waste to energy plant that would break even at 10 cents kwh here in cayman we pay 38 cents kwh.
    5 of these units could remove mt trashmore in about 1 year. Furthermore the ash is pure material that can be sold to farmers or used in concrete.

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