Cuban migrants return

A group of 25 Cuban boat migrants spotted off the coast of East End earlier this week were back in Cayman Islands waters Thursday.

Immigration officials are now processing the migrant group, which left Grand Cayman Wednesday to travel to Swan Island, Honduras.

The cruise ship Carnival Legend picked up the migrants Thursday. They had already turned their craft back to Grand Cayman to seek medical attention for three passengers, but found themselves running low on fuel. After the migrants boarded the cruise ship, their own vessel, which contained most of their property, was set adrift. It is now the object of a search by the Marine Unit.

The migrants will remain in the Immigration Detention Centre while they are processed by officials.

In such cases the Immigration Department, the Deputy Governor’s Office, the British Embassy in Havana and the Cuban Government work together to confirm the identities of each person.

While in immigration custody, individuals have the option to request asylum from the Cayman Islands government. Such claims are assessed on a case-by-case basis, using the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Handbook for Determining Refugee Status. Any unsuccessful asylum seeker, or those who choose not to request asylum, will be repatriated to Cuba, officials said.  


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