Test your knowledge for a good cause

Those who fancy pitting their wits in a general knowledge quiz have an opportunity to help the Cayman Islands Humane Society while they do so.

The society is running a pub quiz on Thursday, 15 November at Fidel Murphy’s from 7pm, said Justine Riseley, a volunteer with the organisation.

“We have some teams that turn up every month and really enjoy the competition and are there to compete and win,” she said. “We get lots of our regular volunteers who come along to support us and book tables and then we get tables of people who come along because they have seen a flyer somewhere and want to have a night of fun and, of course, support the Humane Society. We also get tourists that come along, too.”

Money raised will go to helping the society’s endeavours in the constant effort to take care of the island’s animals and in particular to assist with transferring dogs to their new homes in the United States.

Critical fundraiser

The events are “critical” to the society’s continued existence, Ms Riseley said.

“Until more people spay and neuter their animals, the Humane Society is always going to struggle to house all the homeless and abandoned pets on the island. We work hard to increase our adoptions on-island, but the reality is that there are just too many animals with not enough space and not enough money,” she said.

“The only other way to try to keep our numbers down is to send them to new homes in the US where they get a second chance and all the shelters that we send our animals to are no-kill, so we know that whatever happens, they will have a home for life. It costs us $45,000 per month to run the shelter and we need the funds to keep coming in so that we can manage our numbers of animals,” she added.

Entry fee is $10 per person and teams are a maximum of six people apiece. To reserve a table call 949-5189.

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