DUI case opens against Education Minister

Woman was with minister in vehicle

Crown prosecutors have outlined a detailed case against Cayman Islands Education Minister Rolston Anglin, telling a magistrate Tuesday that the identity of a potential witness – a woman seen sitting in the passenger seat of the defendant’s vehicle – had never been ascertained.

Crown Counsel Matthew Coles said Mr. Anglin agreed to a roadside breath test, the reading of which was .136. Several hours later, at the police station, a subsequent test gave a reading of .110.

Mr. Coles said Mr. Anglin gave three different accounts of how his accident occurred. Mr. Coles said that Mr. Anglin had first phoned Chief Inspector Angelique Howell around 2.30am to report that he had fallen asleep and run off the road into bushes in the vicinity of Avalon Condominiums. Prosecutors said Mr. Anglin informed Chief Inspector Howell he had not been drinking.

At the scene, Mr. Anglin told officers he saw a car coming toward him and he swerved, prosecutors said.

In a subsequent formal interview, he explained that he was driving along West Bay Road when he remembered he had to purchase dog food from a 24-hour gas station. He said he looked ahead and behind and there was no traffic coming; he slowed and as he went to turn his car, it slid across the lane and collided with some trees.

According to prosecutors, Mr. Anglin also said he had one light beer that evening and had taken several medications. Mr. Coles said he would call evidence about the rate at which this alcohol would have been eliminated from Mr. Anglin’s body.

As to the potential witness, Mr. Coles said when Chief Inspector Howell sent officers to the scene, they saw the female in the front passenger seat and Mr. Anglin in the driver’s seat. Neither appeared injured.

As a sergeant spoke with Mr. Anglin, the woman came out of the car to speak to a constable, informing him she needed to use the bathroom at the hotel. The sergeant gave permission for the constable to accompany the woman to the hotel. Not long after, the constable returned to the scene and said the woman had not returned to him from the bathroom.

The constable was sent back to the hotel to locate the woman, but was unable to do so. Unfortunately, she could not be located and details were never obtained and her identity was never ascertained, Mr. Coles said.

The trial continues. Check back with cayCompass.com for more details.


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