Editorial for 19 November: A politician with a backbone

Those familiar with service club Rotary’s
primary motto know that it is “Service above Self”.

We don’t know if Environment Minister Mark
Scotland is a member of any of the myriad Rotary clubs in Grand Cayman, but he
has certainly put the motto into service in his pronouncement and support of
opening a waste management site – a dump – in his district of Bodden Town.

Basically, he’s committing political
suicide. But unlike politicians who have gone before him, Mr. Scotland is
taking the dump issue head on and attempting to rectify a situation that has
plagued Grand Cayman for many years – it’s growing mountain of garbage in
central George Town. It has become a health, as well as a tourism, hazard and
despite whose backyard it is in, its placement is now jeopardising further
economic development in the capital.

Maybe the naysayers of relocating the dump
should delve further into what makes Rotary clubs great for all involved and
take into consideration Rotary’s 4-Way Test, which members are to employ in
respect to thinking, saying or doing:

Is it the truth?

Yes. As stated above, something must
finally be done to end the dump at George Town.

Is it fair to all concerned?

On a national level, yes. No one wants a
landfill in their backyard, but if the environmental impact statement proves
that Midland Acres is the best site, then we should work as a territory to see
the best be done now and for future generations.

Will it build goodwill and better

Honestly, no, not in all instances. Today’s
front page story and this editorial are certain to raise much ire, especially
from those who live in the District of Bodden Town.

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Frankly, yes. A properly designed, engineered
and managed waste management facility will allow us to modernise our approach
to handling waste, which will include recycling and waste-to-energy. It’s
something we’ve all be clamouring for the past 20 years or so.

Kudos to Minister Scotland for having the
courage to stand up for what’s right.



  1. I support Minister Scotland if the waste management facility is run professionally with mandatory recycling. Perhaps a 10 year operations contract with Dart to train Caymanians to assure proper techniques are applied might be appropiate.

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