Arthur tried his best but Fell

The sixth round of the TeleCayman Team Squash League at the South Sound Squash Club and although full of ups and down matches, as always it was guaranteed for a good night of fun. The league runs every Thursday at 7.15pm until 29 November.

Heading into the final week which teams can accumulate points before the final ranking is decided for playoff night, Aon United have secured the top.

The top TeleCayman match of the week, by far has to be the long and exciting match between the fourth level D players, Colleen Artuch from Aon United and Slaney Murphy representing the Digicel Diehards.

To provide a little history to why this match was so great is because Artuch was ecstatic to announce last week she had won her first match in three years of playing the TeleCayman Team League and Murphy was yet to have won a game, as she is a brand new squash enthusiast.

With more experience, Artuch took a quick lead in the match winning the first two games. What looked to be a fast track to the bar, Slaney being the competitor hse is, countered to win the third game in extra points and won her first game ever.

The crowd now gathering, hooting and hollering, as the Digicel team was getting excited over what was happening to their aspiring teammate. With Slaney winning the third 15-13, the match was getting intense as each player was running for everything.

The fourth game was once again taking by Slaney and a fifth set was in the cards for these two fantastic competitors.

In the end Artuch didn’t quite have it on the day for Aon United and Slaney took her first match win for the Digicel Diehards 3-2 (8/11, 3/11, 15/13, 11/8, 11/7).

The second top match for the week was a tough four set battle between Erik Fell, representing Squash 20/20 and Rob Arthur from KPMG Gem Squash.

This match was destined to be a good one as the two play similar styles as both like to run. The first game was a true example of this as Arthur was forced to win in extra points 12-10.

Heading into the remainder of the match Fell had the edge and won the match. Fell finalised the match for Squash 20/20 3–1 over Arthur and KPMG Gem Squash (10/12, 11/5, 11/4, 11/9)

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