Overturned truck halts traffic

Update, 6:40pm: Police report that the driver of the truck and the driver of another vehicle were injured in the accident. Drivers were being asked to proceed with caution in the Tall Tree area
of Shamrock Road where the collision occurred. The main road was still
partially blocked at 6.30pm as crews worked to clear it of obstruction
from the accident.


A truck carrying aggregate smashed into a plumbing store at a Savannah junction, causing traffic chaos on Monday afternoon.

The vehicle apparently lost control and hit the building at the Pedro St James junction around 4:30pm.*

The road in the area was closed while police diverted traffic around the scene of the accident.

It is not yet known if anyone was injured in the accident.

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Editor’s note: This story has been changed from the original to correct the accident time.


Savannah truck crash
Jewel Levy


Savannah truck crash
Jewel Levy


Savannah truck crash
Jewel Levy



    #1 – Why are trucks being driven during traffic hours? This morning trucks were on the road as I was going to work. Why can’t they have them driven at before the traffic rush and after the traffic rush?

    #2 – Police need to start cracking down on SPEEDING DUMP TRUCKS, and trucks that are not safely carrying load. One day I saw a truck full of marl with no flap on it. Suppose a rock came off a hit someone or somebody’s car. These truck drivers need to do better.

    #3 – I hope and pray no one is seriously injured!

  2. Our Police are blind
    There are tinted windows
    There are darkened License plates
    There are open trucks dumping marl on the road
    There are people who ride bumpers of the vehicles in front of them
    There are children riding in back of pick up trucks
    The rare driver stops at a stop sign
    All the above are violations of the traffic law and for some reason our police look the other way.

  3. I bet the truck was doing more than the 30 mph speed limit as it went around the corner approaching that building.

    It time to stop creating new laws and better enforce the ones we already have – the driver should be investigated and if found guilty of dangerous driving fan a 12 month from group 3 4 driving here.

    If the vehicle is found faulty then the owner should be fined as well. If the road levels and slope are at fault then NRA should fined.

    If it was just an accident then no one is at fault.

    Just image this happening when the Anton Bodden By pass road is tarmacked with these trucks passing BT primary school where the corner is tighter.

  4. That place like just recently opened and now they have a massive hole in their wall, lol life ruff fa some people doe.
    The truck driver was probably speeding but thats okay cause I bet he learned his lesson.
    If you nah hear, you gon feel.

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