Police report gun thefts in East End

A BB gun used to shoot two people in East End during the last few days was one of at least four firearms taken in burglaries in East End district this month.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service clarified late Thursday that it was investigating two BB gun shooting incidents; one that occurred on Tuesday and another that happened Wednesday.

The first incident occurred at 6:53pm Tuesday. A female reported that she was walking along East Boulevard in East End when she was hit in the back with what she suspects to be a BB pellet.  On arrival of the police she stated that she saw two males with what appeared to be a gun under his arm leaving the location.  The police attended the area but no one was located.  No injuries were sustained in that incident.

The second incident occurred at 8:05pm Wednesday on Fiddlers Way off Sea View Rd, East End. A young man and his companion were both walking along Fiddler’s Way in East End when they heard an explosion described as a gunshot and shortly after felt himself shot in the back. He received very minor injury and reported the matter to the police who responded and mounted an operation, which resulted in the recovery of a BB gun and the arrest of one suspect.

The BB gun that was recovered is believed to have been stolen in a burglary on 23 November in the district. During that break-in police said two firearms and a quantity of ammunition were stolen. One firearm is still outstanding from that burglary. BB guns are legally considered firearms in the Cayman Islands.

A .22 magnum rifle which was stolen from another burglary in the district on 9 November was also recovered on Wednesday, 14 November in a police operation. Two firearms and a quantity of ammunition were stolen in that burglary and one also remains outstanding there. 

The Bodden Town Criminal Investigation Department is investigating. Anyone with information can call the Bodden Town Police Station at 947 2220 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.


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  1. If memory serves me, any barreled item which discharges a missile whether or not it uses powder is considered a Firearm and thus is required to be licensed, including BB gums..archaic yes, but that is the British system.

  2. A firearm is defined in the firearms law asany lethal barreled weapon from which a shot bullet or other missile can be ejected or noxious fluid emitted but does not include air gun , air pistol of a type prescribed by the Governor. It include any component parts from such weapon including a silencer designed to diminish the noise caused by discharging the weapon.