Battle of the Sexes Camana Bay: The Rematch!

challenge: Michael Klein and Vicki Wheaton went head-to-head in 2010 to
see who could buy the best selection of gifts at Camana Bay in an hour.
They were given a $50 per gift limit, and had to buy for eight
different recipients. A clear winner was never chosen, and so they
returned for a rematch this year.  The
stakes were upped, as they were each given a Camana Bay Gift Card with
$600 credit on it which they could use at all participating vendors. How
did the competition go? Read their reports and then enter the
competition to win one of the two groups of gifts they chose.


Michael Klein  

When Vicki and I originally did the Battle of the Sexes two years ago, I was quite happy to make it a fun competition with no animosity. I was assigned a concierge person, Angela Walsh, from Camana Bay’s Discovery Centre, to show how easy it was to use this complimentary service. She was there to assist with suggestions, and use all the information she had at her fingertips to make sure I had a great shopping experience. 

From the beginning, I could sense that Vicki was jealous of the help I was being given, but being the bigger person I simply ignored her piercing gaze and shook her hand. She did a good job that day, but even though our video said that Christmas won in the end, I think we both knew that I was the clear victor. 

Since that fateful date in 2010, I have found pens missing from my desk from time to time, and unsigned notes calling me “Little Hair” stuck to my chair and computer. My car had a flat tyre last year. I don’t have proof that Vicki did it, but I did find a fork sticking out of it with “Vicki’s Fork” engraved on the handle. 

So this year, Camana Bay suggested a rematch, and although I could have once again used the lovely Angela to assist me, I decided to politely decline so Vicki would finally admit that I was the better shopper. 

We met up in the Discovery Centre ahead of time, and split up the various shops between us. Once again she seemed to be taking this very seriously. I’d swear she was doing pushups in the back. The clock began, and we ran out to start the competition. We had one hour to buy eight gifts for the people on our lists. 

I started off at Bedside Manor, which has a wealth of goods, particularly when it comes to luxury bedding. It was here that I found my toddler gift – Rolling Rainbow by Wonderworld for children 18 months and older. It only took me a few minutes to zero in on it, pay with my Camana Bay Gift Card and get back to the task at hand. Somewhere I’m sure Vicki was already struggling to decide on what to buy. 

From then on my hour couldn’t have been easier, thanks to the helpful staff at all the shops. I got a Crew Tech Superformance Gear Scuba bag from Caribbean Canvas Company – a terrific, durable item that my friend could definitely use. A Bay Market Snack Pack Basket for a co-worker filled with cookies, crackers, chips, salsa and lots of edible items – a bargain at $50. While I was there, I also picked up Organix Adult Dog Food, Good Buddy Beef Jerky, Meaty Center Bone and a bottle of Aloe Oatmeal Shampoo/Conditioner. Seems that Bay Market has goods in store for humans and pets. 

I picked up an Electronic Dictionary Bookmark for a teacher (an award winning item from “that company called if”), Ray-Ban foldable unisex sunglasses from De Sunglass Man, a G-Shock watch at Watch.Me and finally a 30-minute massage gift certificate from Eclipze. I could have probably used that myself if I wasn’t such a generous person and choosing it for the parent on my list. 

At the end of my spree I had a bounty of gifts featuring amazing variety and quality, AND I had a little more than $60 left on my Camana Bay Gift Card. 

About halfway through the hour I had seen Vicki rushing about like an escaped circus animal. She never seems to understand that when one takes the calm route, one manages to accomplish so much more. 

Needless to say I arrived back at the Discovery Centre before she did, and as a magnanimous gesture, offered to buy her lunch at Abacus with my remaining money, as restaurants accept the gift card as well. She was happy to accept, but, of course, who’s going to turn down a free lunch? 

I need to show her once and for all that I am the clear winner when it comes to shopping. Vote for me, and win the great selection of gifts that I have handpicked. She needs to be put in her place. 


Vicki Wheaton  

First of all I need to make it very clear that I was not at all jealous about Michael having help the last time. Why would I be? I knew that I could beat him with both hands tied behind my back. Frankly, I think he just felt a little insecure, and privately begged Camana Bay for their concierge assistance. 

If you take a look at the video from then, it’s perfectly clear that I was in control at all times. I knew exactly what I was doing, and with almost a sixth sense I managed to find everything I needed so quickly, I probably could have done it all in 15 minutes. Of course, I took my time because I didn’t want him to feel that he was failing on any level. I am such a good-hearted person, and he just can’t seem to grasp that. 

At the end of the competition in 2010, I waited for the triumphant announcement of my clear victory on the video, but they wimped out and said that Christmas won in the end! Honestly, they were so careful not to hurt Michael’s feelings that I was cruelly robbed of my rightful claim to that trophy. When I heard that we were getting a rematch this year I was thrilled. This time there has to be a winner, and after looking at the fabulous gifts I chose, I can honestly say that the winner will be me. 

By the way, just for the record, I didn’t take Michael’s pens. There was a full police investigation, and they concluded that there was no evidence pointing to me being the culprit. And I certainly didn’t leave him notes calling him “Little Hair” because he has no hair at all. I’m a Virgo and known for my accuracy. He can be so paranoid sometimes! As for his car tyre, I had been walking in the parking lot, eating my lunch, minding my own business, when a stiff wind blew through and wrenched my fork out of my hand. It bounced onto the tarmac and disappeared; I couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s not MY fault that it ended up in his tyre. Mother Nature was to blame! 

When we started this rematch I had everything planned, and it went off without a hitch. I have a toddler nephew, so I knew exactly what to get for him. I chose the Early Learning ABC & 123 Penguin Pal from Books & Books, along with the Sound Puzzle – Farm Animals by Melissa & Doug. Both were terrific choices and I was off to the races.  

After that it was the Cayman MAC Store to get a fantastic Jabra Drive Bluetooth Speaker for a co-worker (I have one of these for hands-free calls in the car and they are great), then Pandora where I picked out a bracelet and musical note charm that a teenager would just love. NKY provided a Tommy Bahama rolling bag that I’d give to a partner (if I had one), and at Le Visage I picked up a Bliss “berry” Bubbly Raspberry Champagne body cream and bubble bath set perfect for a female teacher. 

Bon Vivant has an incredible variety of gift ideas, and even had something for my moggies! I got a Tag pet holiday dish towel, cookie cutter and treat recipe there. Another one checked off the list! 

My best friend deserves the best, so I splurged on a BCBG Max Azria purple sparkly clutch to add some dazzle this festive season, and finally for my parents I headed to The Cabana, a Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop to get a Jonathan Adler Thermal Mug and Note Cube for Dad, and a ballpoint men for my Mum as well as a set of two Lilly Pulitzer Acrylic Drinkware wine glasses. Done! 

Did Michael see me running about? Absolutely! When I was in the shops I took my time, and then I jogged between them. I have always believed in a strict fitness regimen, so even when I’m enjoying leisurely pursuits, I try to fit in exercise somewhere. Anyone who knows me knows that my body is a finely tuned machine. 

At the end I had 96 cents left on my card. You know and I know that I am the winner this year, and you can show him what – for by voting for my fantastic group of prezzies. Vote Wheaton and vote Winner!! 


To enter the competition, please click here click here.




Michael’s products 


Ray-Ban folding sunglasses 

G-Shock watch 

Crew Tech Superformance Gear Scuba bag 

Bay Market Snack Pack Basket 

Organix and Good Buddy dog gifts 

Eclipze massage gift certificate 

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark 

Rolling Rainbow by Wonderworld 


Vicki’s products 


Early Learning ABC & 123 Penguin Pal 

Farm Animals Sound Puzzle 

Jabra Drive Bluetooth Speaker 

Tommy Bahama rolling bag 

Tag dish towel, cookie cutter and treat recipe for cats 

BCBG Max Azria evening clutch 

Pandora bracelet and charm 

Bliss “berry” Bubbly Raspberry Champagne bath set 

Jonathan Adler and Lilly Pulitzer accessories and wine glasses 

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