Why Cayman Thanksgiving?

Well the easiest answer is “Why not”? After all, everyone who lives in the Cayman Islands is living in the 95th percentile in standard of living/quality of life in the world. That does not mean that we live in a perfect paradise, or that we do not have people with genuine needs in our community. In fact there seems to be growing numbers of those who are being left behind.

However, no matter how bad things are, we still have so much to be thankful for. We only have to turn on the news and see what real oppression, suffering and hardship looks like. Which one of us went to bed worrying about being dragged out of our homes and shot, or having our car shelled with mortars or our children’s school bombed? Sadly, this is the reality for so many. Famine, epidemics, civil war, out of control unemployment, no access to health, education or social welfare is just an average day for arguably the majority of the people in our world today.

When I sit and think about our history in Cayman, what our forefathers persevered through and the changes witnessed by my father’s and grandmother’s generations, there is no logical explanation for the economic miracle we have experienced in Cayman.

Cayman has been truly blessed and we have in turn been a blessing to so many from all around the world who have been able to come here and make a better life for themselves and their families. That is something to celebrate and to give thanks for.

Unfortunately many of us in Cayman quickly forget how fortunate we are. When was the last time you asked someone how they were doing and they responded “Great!”? It almost seems that we gravitate towards the negative, seeing that it dominates so much of our conversations, thoughts and actions. It’s been observed somewhat tongue in cheek that basically two things bring people together in this community en masse- protests/demonstrations or funerals. That is sadly quite indicative of the power of the negative in Cayman. Sad or bad things get us going and fuel the passion in our lives.

So the Cayman Thanksgiving proposition is quite simple actually. Can we not agree in this community that for one day out of the year we won’t complain or row or blog about our problems, or call in the radio shows to bemoan life’s woe’s? Instead let’s do what Caymanians have always done best and pull out our pots and pans, cook up some good traditional food using locally grown produce, invite family and friends over including someone who isn’t from Cayman and let’s give thanks for life’s many blessings- starting with the passage of Hurricane Season.

That’s what Cayman Thanksgiving is all about.

There is arguably no nation on earth who has as much to be thankful for as we do here in Cayman. So it is our hope that from this point onward on the first Sunday in December we will unite – Caymanians, expats, visitors and celebrate all that’s good in Cayman starting with giving thanks.

I invite everyone to learn more about Cayman Thanksgiving and about the plans for this weekend’s celebrations by visiting www.caymanthanksgiving.ky

Let’s give thanks together Cayman!

Samuel Rose

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