Planning board eases regs on industrial buildings

The Central Planning Authority removed a bureaucratic hurdle regarding permitted activities in industrial zones.

During its meeting 24 October, the planning authority “resolved to adopt a policy whereby industrial buildings would be granted planning permission with the following list of light industrial uses” without having to submit change-of-use applications, according to the meeting minutes.

The light industrial uses include, “The assembly of products from previously prepared materials, including but not limited to fabrics, glass, leather, paper, metal, or plastics”; “Cabinet making (excluding outside storage of raw and finished materials)”; “Warehouse storage”; “Industrial laundry”; “Wholesale trade and Distribution”; “Contracting services (Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)”; “Janitorial services”; “Office use (Ancillary, in association with a primary Light Industrial Use – less than 10 per cent square footage)” and “Retail use (Ancillary, in association with a primary Light Industrial use – less than 10 per cent square footage)”.

The planning authority was prompted to issue a decision following its consideration of an application to allow an industrial laundry to begin operation in Highgrove Business Park, which is in a heavy 
industrial zone off Sparkys Drive.

The minutes note that when a commercial building is approved, retail and office uses are allowed interchangeably, and that the Development and Planning Regulations outline permitted uses in commercial zones “much more clearly” than in industrial zones.

The authority directed the Department of Planning to seek changes to the planning regulations to clarify the types of permitted uses in industrial zones.

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