‘Campaign of deception’ alleged

The chairman of the Cayman Islands opposition party has laid out the political strategy for the upcoming campaign, which apparently includes a heavy dose of bashing the Coalition for Cayman or the C4C as it is known.

“It appears to me that the C4C group are trying to use their money to engineer a government over which they can exercise influence and control,” Anton Duckworth said during a meeting of the Progressives political party leadership on Wednesday. “That’s the bad old game of money buying power; a game which the People’s Progressive Movement has always refused to play.”

Mr. Duckworth said, assuming the coalition group gets some candidates together ahead of the May 2013 general elections, Cayman Islands voters would have a clear choice.

“The choice is between one-man rule of the United Democratic Party, government by elected representatives – the Progressives, or government under the control and influence of unelected people in the C4C,” he said.

Just this week, the Coalition for Cayman announced members of its executive committee and made public some ground rules for membership in that committee. Attorney James Bergstrom and accountant Jude Scott were named as coalition co-chairs. Kris Bergstrom, Clarence Bothwell, JC Calhoun, Jacqueline Haynes, Randy Merren, Johann Moxam, Gary Rutty and Emmiel Scott were all named as committee members.

“If the C4C group wants power, they should put themselves forward as candidates for government,” Mr. Duckworth said. ”In truth, the issues for voters are not whether they want government by a political party. The real issue is which of these groups will give the country the kind of leadership that it needs.”

The C4C group released a statement of its own this week, blasting the political parties which it believes have scarce differences between them.

“Often a political party’s single goal is to take control (or maintain control) of the government for their own benefit, because anything short of that will leave them powerless and in their minds without a voice,” the C4C statement read. “Despite their most desperate messages, the current state of our country’s affairs speaks to the dangers of giving any one party too much control. We have seen the evidence of this over the last decade.

“Under both parties leadership, our country has incurred record debt – in fact, today every citizen of Cayman is responsible for $30,000 of our country’s national debt. Without checks and balances offered by independent leaders in our LA, the UDP has nearly spent our country into bankruptcy, and their excessive borrowing has forced us into noncompliance with our country’s public finance laws – creating an unnecessarily tense relationship with the UK.”

A further statement was released by C4C on Thursday night, expressing disappointment with the political parties.

“As individuals, many C4C executive members are proud to have served and currently serve the country on numerous boards at the request of both parties. We have previously contributed to individuals in both parties. Those individuals were people who we thought were independent thinkers, who would stand up for what is in the best interest of the country. We did this in hopes it would have led to a better Cayman. But sadly, due to the effect of partisan politics, it has not. We have learned our lesson. Even
independent thinkers in a party are stifled by party leaders who put party first. That is why we are looking for independent candidates with integrity and proven leadership qualities that will put the people of the country first.”


  1. If we got rid of the parties, then we would be left with individuals. And I hardly will not be voting for individuals seeking power, because most of them are already corrupt.


  2. This doesn’t surprise me, from what I’ve seen it’s the PPM’s style to bash other politicians while offering no alternatives to their ideas. Up to now I have yet to see them mention one thing about what they would do to better things. This election is going to be a great show to watch.

    In this Corner

  3. My confidence in Mr Duckworth or the PPM would be greatly enhanced if instead of bashing the others the PPM would offer some solutions to the country’s problems to alert the voters that the PPM can lead the country. To this point in time I have heard no solutions from the PPM.

  4. This country make me laugh I lived here for many years. Seen politicians come and go. Arrive with promises that they never under take after 4 years. I can’t vote yet I have to pay more and more every year because people can’t keep their finger’s out of the honey pot and are too blinkered to see it is not ex-pats that have ruined this country but its always their fault.

    Only failures blame others because if you were successful you would not need to blame anyone!

  5. This doesn’t surprise me, from what I’ve seen the it’s the PPM’s style to bash other politicians while offering no alternative to their ideas. Up to now I have yet to see them mention one thing about what they would do to better things. This election is going to be a great show to watch.

    In this Corner

  6. The PPM is all about deception with no legislative footprint when they were in control to honestly ask voters to put them back. The constitutional review was a complete sham ignoring basic human rights such as OMOV, boundary implementation, a smoking ban, retrieve our six million from Mr. Ryan and make reforms so it could not be repeated. The PPM has failed on basic little things. One of the biggest deceptions was claiming criminal and inferiority charges on housing when in-fact there was none, costing our treasury millions in police man hours all for political advantage. In BoddenTown, PPM said they did not have the money to fight for the electoral rights of their candidates in the last election when the UDP’s men got on the ballot in violation of the constitution. The PPM has lawyers at the very top of their party and lost the backbone to fight for their men. A real deception if I ever seen one. After Ivan, we lost a lot of our old people because the government failed to administer therapy to ease their stress levels. I could go on and on but I won’t because of the present government’s horror show. Whoever, attacking C4C won’t work because everyone knows that anything is better then the two parties of Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. No matter how you cut it, these two party dogs won’t hunt.

  7. What a slap in the face for C4C from the PPM Big man. You all critize Bush, but I hope your C4C do not really think that the PPM has a place set by their table for you. No my friends. Stand in a corner and hold up one foot.

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