Seven DUI arrests in Christmas crackdown

Since the launch of the Royal Cayman Islands Police
Service’s Christmas road safety campaign on 30 November, police have arrested
seven people for driving under the influence.

They have also nabbed 22 people for not wearing seatbelts,
15 for using their cell phones while driving and 32 for speeding, as well as
issuing an additional 36 tickets for other traffic offences.

“Road safety is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week priority
for the RCIPS,” said Superintendent Adrian Seales, the officer leading the Stay
Alive road safety campaign. “Throughout the year we issue repeated advisories
to drivers to remind them of the steps that they can take to stay safe, and
keep others safe, on the roads.

“The Christmas and New Year season is historically a time
when people think more about the ongoing festivities than safety – that’s why
we launch this important annual public information campaign. It’s the time of
year where people drink more than usual and, instead of taking the sensible
options of designating a driver or taking a cab, they drive.”

He said police would continue to monitor safety on the local
roads and warned motorists against ignoring local traffic laws.

“Despite our public warnings that we would be maintaining
our zero tolerance approach on the roads, people still choose to ignore what we
are saying. Well, seven people now face the prospect of losing their licenses
for drink driving and dozens more face hefty fines for speeding, not wearing
seatbelts and using their cell phones while driving.

“If this blatant disregard for road safety continues, then
another family may face the prospect of losing a loved one on Cayman’s roads.
To each and every driver who ignores the rules of the road, or wrongly believes
that when they leave the bar they are sober enough to make good driving
decisions, I would pose this question – will that family be yours?”

The Stay Alive road safety drive will continue until Friday,
4 January 2013.




  1. I’m very pleased to hear the Police are stopping persons who are DUI.

    I do wish however that they would find that missing vehicle with the cameras – I’m at a lost as to why anyone would steal a vehicle like that, as the RCIPS has stated it was stolen.

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