Cops urge vigilance following fuel thefts

Authorities in Grand Cayman are urging businesses and the general public to be vigilant following a spate of diesel fuel thefts on the Island.

Four men have been arrested in connection with three separate incidents, according to a news release issued by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. But in the wake of 12 thefts being reported during the past four months, officers are asking the public and security staff to report any suspicious activity.

Police said thieves have been stealing diesel from generator tanks at cell sites and civic centres in Grand Cayman. Those responsible use hand-held or electric pumps to syphon large quantities of diesel into portable fuel tanks, which are usually mounted on trucks or vans.

“We have proactively encouraged owners of cell sites and civic centres to improve or enhance their security measures,” said Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks. “We’re pleased to say that the increased security, combined with the extra attention being paid to these locations by the police, have resulted in a number of arrests in the past few weeks.

“However, we would continue to urge vigilance and ask anyone who sees any suspicious activity around cell sites, civic centres, or indeed any locations where generators are located to immediately contact the police,” he added.


  1. Maybe this fuel is being stolen to take the missing police van off island so that it can be sold to another law enforcement agency.

    The RCIPS is still not being grilled on this. No headling story of Commissioner and Governor refusing to answer.

  2. Why don’t they just issue these guys some fuel cards to they can join the others with unauthorized cards still outstanding? It would save everyone a lot of trouble.

  3. CIG needs to slowly reduce the things that the RCIPS handles – and ultimately limit their resources / incompetence to investigative matters.

    Example: if we get traffic wardens – they could issue tickets – thus removing the RCIPS from this walk a round town type job.

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